How To Pick Your Digital Marketing Channels


Facebook Or Google Ads? How Will You Get Through This Dilemma?

Both of these megacorporations have become the main options for digital marketers around the globe, but the dilemma on this point lead into further doubts when it comes to allocating your budget to only one platform. The question is; is online advertising is more effective on Facebook or Google Ads?

The answer to this dilemma is not as easy as it seems. There are quite of numbers of consideration that you must think through before making final decision. Those consideration matters are :

Set Down Your Objectives For Your Digital Advertising
First of all, get to know what is your desire and marketing strategies for advertising in online media. Are you planning on getting massive brand exposure, visits to your website or number of application installed? Both parties, Facebook and Google have their very own advantages, for instance, Facebook is about getting engagement with audience and Google focuses particularly on conversion.

When making decision in this matter, advertising through Google or Facebook should not be difficult for you even though both online media are able to be engaged through branding and conversion. The difference is Facebook has a higher percentage of succeeding in branding and engagement. One of the most known features are ‘like, comment and share’ buttons. Meanwhile, Google has the idea of focusing on conversion percentage.

Who, Where & Why? -Target Audience
Secondly, advertising networks have a various and eccentric audience. Nevertheless, you are able to see the differences for your analysis on which channel to choose for your target audience. Statistically, Google has a higher data on target audience compared to Facebook. Based on world wide statistic, Google has almost 90% users that has their own Google account and goes online on their regular routines. In smaller scale, South East Asia has the similar percentage of 90% of Google users.

From this information, we can obtain the user’s demographics, interests, hobbies and the other relatable things they browse on the web daily. Contrary from Google, Facebook only rely on audience data from Instagram and Facebook itself depending on their interest and desired topics. Based on demographics, they have less nominal audience compared to Google.

The Channels On Google & Facebook
As much channels there are, we as users will always rely on Google as our main option. Unfortunately, in this matter you have to put more options on channeling your digital advertising to ensure it succeeds and goes smoothly as planned. You have to choose your channel on which is suitable with your target audience in your digital advertising. Google has various channels, for instance, Search Engine Google, Youtube and Google Ad Network, meanwhile Facebook only has Facebook itself and Instagram.

The best strategy to do your digital advertising is to run both Google and Facebook because of their own outstanding features, but limitation on budget does not help you on this matter. Hence, you will have to choose wisely on which compatible and suitable media platform for your digital advertising and lead your campaign objectives to success. Once again, choose whichever suits you, Google or Facebook.

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