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Peasy improves your Facebook and Google campaigns by 220% in 3 ways.

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1. Create and manage your Facebook & Google campaign from 1 centralized dashboard.

Setup and manage your Facebook & Google campaigns from Peasy. Let Peasy recommend your media plan, setup the campaign structures, distribute and control budget across all channels.

4 Simple steps

Simply input your campaign information, audience, budget & creatives

Automated Channel Configuration

Just setup your campaign once, Peasy will configure it on FB, IG & Google respectively.

Automated Audience Research

Liberate yourself from tedious audience research. Peasy Automated Audience Recommendation will create the right audience targeting criteria based on your goal.

Multi-channel ads in 1 platform

Upload FB, IG & Google ad formats in 1 single platform. Peasy will distribute it to the right channels.

2. Easily achieve your campaign target consistently.

Getting your campaigns to perform has never been easier. Peasy AI will analyze your data and provide results prediction even before you begin. Once you’re satisfied with Peasy’s prediction, leave the rest to our AI to tirelessly monitor and deliver the promised performance

Audience Optimization

Expand your audience when volume is low and split test when CPX is high

Channel Optimization

Peasy will automatically move budget from non-performing to performing channels

Bid Optimization

Peasy continuously monitors your ad auction, and adjust bid to maximize your ROI.

Placement/Keyword Optimization

Peasy will analyze your auction or placement to remove fraudulent inventory, move budget from non-performing to performing inventory

3. Integrated and holistic Reporting

Peasy integrate data across your Facebook & Campaigns to provide you with holistic insights. From the key, distilled insights such as best customer segments, ideal path to conversion, best performing messaging TO detailed reporting.


Who are you best segments? Which placement, channel, timing and messaging resonate strongly with these segments.


Which sizeable customer segments will respond better to your campaign if you implement Peasy’s recommendations.


Customer profiles who should be your furthest target to scale.

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Features Include




Recommended Media Planning.
Let Peasy recommend the optimum channel and budget split

Automated Campaign Setup.
Peasy will automatically setup your Facebook, Google and Instagram campaign for you.

Automated Audience Recommendation.
‍Peasy will recommend the best targeting profile to achieve your campaign goals

Leads (CPL) and Sales (CPA) campaigns

Awareness (CPM), Consideration (CPC) and Engagement (CPT) campaigns

Facebook, Google and Instagram campaigns

Custom and Similar Audience

Centralized trafficking.
Upload your ad once on Peasy, and Peasy will distribute it across Facebook, Google & Instagram

Automated Optimization.
Peasy will automatically monitor your campaign and optimize the audience targeting, bid adjustment, placement blacklisting and channel budget splitting so that you can achieve the maximum CTR/Conversion Rate/Install Rate/Engagement Rate at the lowest budget

Powerful integrated reporting.
Peasy combine your Facebook and Google campaign performance data into one wholesome report. Peasy distill the data into actionable analysis and insights

Centralized Campaign Management.
Review, edit and manage your Facebook & Google campaigns from one single dashboards

Full, cloud based implementation. No installation required

Peasy Academy.
Unrestricted access to our digital strategy, tutorial and tips library to empower your digital marketing capabilities. Regular webminars with our panel of experts

Chat-based Customer Success Manager

On-demand phone support call with Customer Success Manager

Access to our regular events and one-to-one consultation

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