Learning Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Often I get asked questions such as “Search will work better for my business than Social?” or “Should we try programmatic?”.

Assuming when you wake up tomorrow, there’s a magical well appearing right in front of your house. All you have to do is scribble down the number of sales you want to achieve and what’s a reasonable price you’re willing to pay per sale and throw it down this wishing well. The very next day, lo and behold – the exact number of sales order comes in. After which, you pay the well for the fair fee you had agreed upon.  Suppose, there’s such a magical well – would you really be asking how the well magically handle sales & promotion OR how many % of sales target I can delegate to magic well?

Paraphasing Deng Xiaoping; “black or white cat, as long as it catches the rat – it is a good cat”.  As fellow entrepeneur, details such as search vs social, programmatic vs premium is unimportant – what we really want is a:

  • predictable way to achieving our sales target. a sales channel where we can take into account what happened yesterday when we are planning for tomorrow
  • scalable way of achieving our sales target. once I know the formula to master this sales channel, and I invest more capital and hire more people – I can grow sales from 1X to 100X

That is the fundamental of digital marketing, finding a scientific method to grow your sales predictably. And the secret sauce of digital marketing is not in the technial mumbo-jumbo. Instead, the fundamental is the very core of every successful business – understanding your customers and how to ensure your product communicate and deliver the best value. The only difference with digital is that your customers are anonymous users behind a screen, and the market size is a lot larger. In this video, we will address the fundamental of starting digital right.


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