3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating Digital Marketing Campaigns And Its Solutions


It is common for someone to experience problems at least once or twice in the track of of their digital marketing. By all means, mediocre digital marketing equals to time loss, and time loss equals to loss of profits. Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when creating digital marketing campaigns.

By Not Fully Utilizing Smaller Budget

This is about standing out against bigger competitors without a commensurate digital marketing budget. This is related to Google’s search algorithm being vaguely biased towards brands. Even though there is no accuracy in this matter, but larger competitors do know that they get unfair advantages. Here is a list of problems you should take note.

Breaking Audience

Some competitors who is starting a digital marketing campaign don’t know about breaking up their audience into parts or segments. Normally, marketers will segment their audience by lifestyle, behaviour and demographics. The marketers who don’t break their audience are more likely not to get maximum marketing return of investment.

Social Media Channels

Particularly on smaller budget marketers, you need to pick your platforms. By simply competing in all social media with larger competitors, you will have high chances of losing. You are only creating stress by handling all social media profiles at once, but you may dominate in marvellous way by picking your best performing channels.

Poor Planning

Let’s put it this way, if you fail to plan means you are planning to fail. This applies to your campaign as well as it should be your goals.

Before you start executing your plan in digital marketing campaigns, you need to brainstorm and list down your objectives and a form a set of achievable goals that support each objectives. Goals are much needed in this matter as it will help you to determine your success or identify areas where you campaigns need more support or require modification in strategy. Thus, it will also be difficult to sustain your future digital marketing investment if you don’t and not able to demonstrate progress against a set of goals.

Unrelatable Messages

The style of the content will highlight the offers and messages on the page, thus it makes it as the most effective digital marketing campaigns. As mentioned at the previous topic, customers desire are to see what they search and if the search does not match, high chances is customers will abandon the page and lead to zero conversion.

Poor Audience Target
Targeting the wrong audience with poor conducting channels will result to poor conversion rate.

It is a normal occasion for users to visit your website but have no intention of making a purchase, like we do. On different case, there is a possibility that the audience is not interested in the website design or not in the point to make a purchase. Overall, this bounces back to the website behaviours itself. Next is using the wrong channel to get the traffic. For instance, the home users and on the go users; Netflix for home users and Spotify for on the go users.

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