Peasy, an innovation
by Mitosis
The 11 years journey in the digital marketing space led us to one conclusion; digital marketing can be so much simpler. Peasy was born from that thought and aims to provide anyone and everyone access to digital marketing.
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In 2019, the entire world will spend US$ 279B on digital media, or about 38.3% of the Total Media Budget. From a global survey, only 22% of marketers are satisfied with their digital ROI. Simple fact, digital is too complicated and all over the place.

How do marketers feel?
Digital is a media created by developers for marketers. However, to use it, you will need to understand your audience, meanwhile implement PageRank algorithm, Cohort Analysis, A/B Test, Attribution Model, and etc. Even though knowledge on these topics is important (can get you 8x better results), they are complicated and ever-changing.

The current situation is bad. The industry spends on training and getting digital marketers to be better with current technologies. By then, businesses will be competing with low ROIs and marketers will eventually be replaced by Mathematician.

Peasy is made with one goal;

Provide anyone and everyone access to Digital Marketing without Technical processes and Budget constrains.

Now here, an answer the industry's challenge
Democratising digital marketing for everyone is our foundation while answering the industry's challenge that requires a digital marketers to be deft and agile in the ever changing digital era. Peasy AI is ready to get you the best performance and always look after your digital campaign 24/7, so you can sleep more soundly.
Reach your goals with Peasy
Now, it is time to focus on our number one task, to communicate and interact with deeper with consumers. Create stronger bonds, be present whenever they are in need, making you far better than a typical digital marketer and achieve greater goals with Peasy.
Peasy is here to optimise your campaign planning, spending, and achieve the best possible result.
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