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Automated campaign setup

Brief Peasy in human language, not techy-speak. Simply state your objective, duration, budget, target audience and Peasy will translate these parameters into configuration and targeting criteria on both Facebook and Google.

Automated media planning

Based on your campaign objective and target audience, Peasy will conduct audience research on Facebook and Google to obtain an estimated population size, maximum achievable target and projected. Should you favor Instagram over Facebook, video over picture? Don’t worry! Peasy will automatically conduct your audience research for you.

Peasy will plan and manage your budget across Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t have to repeat it multiple times. Based on these data, Peasy will design the optimum channel mix and budget split for your campaign. Each media plan comes together with target forecast. Now that’s really easy!

Insightful report which informs

You don’t want to be overwhelmed by sea of data, your report should distill only the key, salient and actionable insights.Peasy’s reporting uncover new opportunities, along with next best action recommendations. Peasy reports contains

Customer profiles who respond very positively to your campaign. Which placement, channel, timing and messaging resonate strongly with these segments.

Customer profiles with a sizeable population, and will respond better to your campaign if you improve the recommended placement, channel, timing, budget and messaging.

Customer profiles who should be your furthest target to scale.

Automated Campaign Optimization

Remember the days when you have to manually download data from Facebook and Google, analyze the CTR/IR line by line, just so you can find the best keyword/placement? Or when you had to stay up all night monitoring your bid auction?

That’s what you’ll say when you reminisce on the days before Peasy! You never have to perform tactical optimization anymore, Peasy will automatically perform your:

Audience Optimizing
Expand your audience when volume is low and split test when CPX is high
Channel optimizing
Peasy will automatically move budget from non-performing to performing channels
Bid optimizing
Change your bid and budget based on time, impression pool and bid competitiveness.
Placement/Keyword optimizing
Peasy will analyze your auction or placement to remove fraudulent inventory, move budget from non-performing to performing inventory
Purchase path optimizing
Peasy will analyze your customer path to purchase and reduce leakages, hurdles, time-to-purchase and acquisition cost
Creative optimizing
Now that’s one thing Peasy shouldn’t do. Peasy will advise you which angle work best, when your creative is due for refresh - but the rest is up to you.
Upload once, see it everywhere

time to upload your creative. Just upload once on Peasy, and Peasy will distribute it across Google, Instagram and Facebook.

Data protection and transparency
Peasy buy your ads directly through your own Google and Facebook ad accounts. So you can be confident that every transaction is honest and every learning and data is safely retained within your complete ownership
Flexible commitment and straightforward pricing.
Peasy does not charge exorbitant media commission. man-hour fee nor any other hidden fee. Just a simple monthly subscription fee that starts from USD 99 per month, and scale up as you require more data storage and processing by our AI. We don’t require any contract, you can unsubscribe anytime you like and all of your account’s data in Peasy along with your AI will be terminated.
Easy setup to fit any tech setup or policy.
Don’t have analytic implemented yet? Don’t worry Peasy AI will work just Google and Facebook’s ad data. You have a full marketing analytic stack? Even better, Peasy AI can integrate with your Google Analytics, AppsFlyer, HasOffer, CRM to build pinpoint accurate prediction. Either way, we can be as basic or as sophisticated you’ll need us to be.
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