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Create a Campaign

To start you will need to create a campaign. A Peasy campaign can be distributed across multiple channels. So just create your campaign once in Peasy, and Peasy will help you to spread it across Facebook, Google, etc. On the dashboard:

  1. Click on '+ Continue New Campaign'

  2. Select your marketing Objective

If you want more traffic to a website choose 'Get More Clicks'. If you want more reach to an awareness campaign, choose 'Get more impression' or if you want to acquire more downloads for your mobile app, choose 'Get more install'.

About your campaign

1. Pick a Platform

Website - If you want to promote an existing Website. Requires a URL

Mobile - If you want to promote and existing Mobile App. Requires the app to be listed on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Enter Website or Mobile App URL

Peasy AI utilises advanced Natural Language Processing to learn about your product, and translate that understanding to better audience targeting and placement bidding. Instead of going thru the trouble of writing a lengthy product brief, just enter the your Website URL or Mobile App URL containing your product description. Peasy AI will then analyze the website’s or app's content.

Enter Website URL

The Product URL can be different from the website you’re trying to promote. For example will describe Acme’s Product, while is Acme’s Christmas Campaign microsite.

or Enter Mobile App URL

To get Mobile App URL from Google Play Store

  1. Go to the Google Play store page

  2. Search for your app and go to the app page.

  3. On your address bar you will see this -

  4. Copy and paste only the highlighted portion to Peasy

To get Mobile App URL from Apple App Store

  1. Open Itunes

  2. Search for your app

  3. Copy the URL from the address bar. It should look something like this -

  4. Paste it to Peasy

3. Select Your Brand Category

4. Select Campaign's Start/End Date

5. Select Campaign's Start/End Date

Start Date

We advise that you take Google, Facebook and other media owner’s campaign approval process into consideration when setting your start date.

End Date

All spending will automatically cease on the end date, even if there’s balance budget.

For Peasy AI to be effective, the campaign duration should be at least 6 days.

6. Enter Total Budget

The maximum amount of money Peasy can spent for this campaign throughout campaign duration, combined across multiple channels.

7. Select a Mandatory Channel

Are there any specific channels which your campaign must incorporate? If so, select the mandatory channels here.

Peasy AI will automatically select the best channel based on your audience profile, lowest cost and campaign duration. By selecting mandatory channels, Peasy AI will incorporate these channels even if they are the least ideal.

Create Audiences

Audience segment is the people whom you would want to reach and respond to your ad. A Peasy Campaign can have multiple audience segments, however, you need at least 1 to proceed. On the Create Audiences page:

  1. Click on '+ Create' to start

  • You should have different Media Plan, different sets of creatives, and budget allocation for each segment

  • You can split the audience by interest, gender, location, devices and age.

  • You should split the audience when you wan to run a AB Test audience criteria.

  • You shouldn’t split the audience when your audience’s population is already too small.

1. Enter Segment Name

Give a name to the audience segment which you want to target. Use whatever naming convention which makes logical sense to you.

2. Enter Locations

You are allowed to enter multiple locations, they can be in the format of a Country, Region, State, and/or Postcode.

e.g. Locations: Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, 408600

Make sure that the selected locations does not overlap.

E.g. Locations: Paris and France. Since Paris is part of France, the overlap will prompt an error.

  1. Type in a Location

  2. Select from the suggested list

  3. Repeat for multiple locations

3. Enter your Audience Interests


What your target audience have shown a specific liking within the past few months.


Can be equate to a longer-term interest.

if I have been searching for a new bicycle lately and I have always been a movie fanatic; then my Interest is Cycling and Affinity is Movies & Entertainment.

We suggest that you start with a broad, large interest and affinity group (eg Car) and let Peasy AI refine and narrow down the targeting for you (eg Toyota). Don’t be afraid to throw as many interest and affinity as possible, Peasy AI will very quickly isolate the good from the bad.

  1. Type in an Interest or Affinity

  2. Select from the suggested list

  3. Repeat for multiple locations

4. Define Languages

The ads will target specifically audiences who frequently visit websites using these languages OR select these languages as default language in their Facebook, Android, Gmail and other profiles.

We suggest that you include the Language used on your Ad Creatives. This will improve help to your ad’s performance.

  1. Type in a Language

  2. Select from the suggested list

  3. Repeat for multiple locations

5. Set Age Range

The ads will target specifically audiences within this age range only. Adjust the slider to specify minimum and maximum age range.

6. Select Genders

The ads will specifically target individuals based on the selected gender.

About 20%-40% of Internet users does not specify gender in their web and social profile. We suggest that you include “Unknown” if your product is not gender-specific.

  1. Click to select/unselect and exclude a gender

7. Select Devices

Define where your ad will appear, based on the device the audience is using.

  1. Click to select/unselect and exclude a device.

8. Allocate Budget Split

You may want allocate more budget to the Audience Segment you believe will perform best.

On the Create Audiences page:

  1. Click on the Budget Split text input.

  2. Enter an amount for each Audience.

  3. Make sure that it adds up to 100%.

  4. Confirm the Budget split by clicking ‘Save and Next’

Media Plan and Projection

Peasy automatically assign majority of the budget to the channel with the lowest CPX. However if the channel’s population size is too small, Peasy will then allocate budget to the next cheapest channel.  If you have specified mandatory channel earlier, Peasy will also take the mandatory channel into account when planning the budget split.

Alternatively, you can adjust the budget split percentage and Peasy will automatically recalculate it’s projection. Projection is based on platform, historical and AI calculation. Please make sure that the total % accumulate to 100%

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