Adding Channels

Adding Channel shows the connection of a website or a Facebook page to Peasy Sales. You can have unlimited channel in your Peasy Sales account.

Channel (inbox) can be added to your account in any of the 3 ways as below.

One way is to click on ‘New Inbox’ like in the picture given below.

Second way to create Inbox is to click on Settings on Peasy Dashboard home page and then to Click on Add Inbox.

Click on Inboxes to reach the Inbox screen. Here you can add Inboxes and once added can be viewed here. 

A screen as given below opens, where Inbox can be added for various Channels. Eg: Website, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, API, Telegram, and Line. Inboxes would be connected to the front end Widgets placed in Website or other channels. Creation of adding Widget is given in Setting up Widget.