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A direct sales business is any form of business that distributes their products to consumers through their agents who work based on commissions. As these agents are not the employees of the business owners, instead of getting a fixed amount of salary every month, they earn a commission for every sale they make. 

Issues Faced by ....

In a direct sales business, business owners recruit agents to promote and sell their products. Commonly, agents create their own Facebook page, then buy engagement posts to promote the products they sell. A common issue faced by direct sales businesses is finding good agents who can drive sales through the roof

Imagine that you have 1,000 agents selling your products. Every month, 200 of your agents contribute RM100,000 each to your sales, whereas your remaining 800 agents contribute only RM10,000 each to your sales. It’s as clear as day that this is a huge problem. Just think for a second about what would happen to your business if your top 200 agents leave – it would be a total nightmare!

One of the major challenges in a direct sales business lies in training and empowering agents. If your training intensity is high, there’s a higher chance for most of your agents to perform well. However, this requires a lot of money, and not to mention, time. Even if money is not an issue, you won’t have time to personally groom and train every single agent so they are on par. Besides, some agents are more driven, dedicated and talented than others. 

But what if there’s a way to simplify the training, and reduce the skills necessary to become a high-performing agent?

Can you imagine how much sales you can obtain, if your 800 agents perform at the same level as your top 200 agents?

Remove the skill barriers with Peasy

Peasy can reduce the skills necessary to become an effective agent. We mentioned that agents commonly create a Facebook page to promote the products they sell. However, some agents are not as savvy when it comes to advertising, and this is how good agents are different from them.

We can simplify and standardise digital marketing so that anyone at any skill level can use Peasy to easily drive online recruitment and sales. Instead of learning digital marketing which is tough and difficult, all you have to do is use Peasy in 7 simple steps:


  1. Enter your campaign name

  2. Select your existing lead form

  3. Specify your form fields

  4. Set your campaign duration

  5. Set how much you want to spend for the campaign

  6. Specify the number of targets you want to achieve

  7. Choose your target location


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