How to setup your Facebook Business Account

Setting up your Facebook Business Account for you to run ads is a fairly simple process, this lesson will focus on teaching getting you up to speed on creating a Facebook Business Account, a Facebook Ad Account and a Facebook Page. Essentially all that you need to start running ads.

Setting up a Facebook Business Account

Before you go to creating your ad account, you would need a Facebook Business Account. Even though you can very much run ads on your personal ad account, but it is generally recommended to run it under a Facebook Business Account you’ll have better control in adding assets and allowing access to certain people as access to a personal ad account is tied to solely you and you only.

  1. To create a Facebook Business Account, first head on over to
  2. Click on “Create Account”
  3. Enter your business and account name, your name and email
  4. Click next
  5. Now head on over to business settings
  6. In business info, click on edit and enter the necessary information
  7. This is optional, but highly recommended to do so early on, in payments, click on “Add Payment Methods”
  8. Key in your payment details and click continue
  9. Your Facebook Business Account is now set up

Creating a Facebook Page

A Facebook page is mandatory when running ads as Facebook needs to tie your ads to a Facebook Page. Please do ensure that your Facebook page is published, as an unpublished page can’t be used.

  1. In business settings, under accounts. Select “Pages”
  2. Click on “Add” and select “Create a New Page”
  3. Choose your category, be sure to select to correct category corresponding to your needs as guidelines exist and it differs depending on category
  4. Name your page and choose a business category
  5. Click on “Create Page”
  6. Your Facebook Page is now set up

Creating a Facebook Ad Account

A Facebook Ad Account is where you run your ads, an ad account is comprised of multiple campaigns, a campaign can have multiple ad sets and an ad set can have multiple ads. Please do ensure that you have a valid payment detail attached to your Facebook Business Account as you won’t be able to run ads without one.

  1. In business settings, under accounts. Select “Ad Accounts”
  2. Click on “Add” and select “Create a new ad account”
  3. Set your ad account name, time zone and currency
  4. Then select what the ad account will be used for. Select my business if this will be a personal ad account for you own business.
  5. Now you can add people into the account, be sure to assign admin access for yourself first before adding people into the account
  6. Your Facebook Ad Account is now set up

With all this, you are now ready to start running ads on Facebook, depending on the type of add you would like to run of course. Essentially you require these 3 assets in order to start running branding and some consideration ads. Further setting up will be required in order to run certain type of ads. Like for example, lead generation ads would require that you have lead form set up, conversion ads requires that you have Facebook Pixel set up, etc. But don’t worry, this is why we are here. Just continue on with our lesson and we’ll teach you along the way of getting these up and running.



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