Managing custom audience and lookalike audience on Peasy

Creating and managing a custom audience and lookalike audience on Facebook can be tedious and time-consuming. Suppose that you upload to Facebook a list of your 100 good customers in order to create a lookalike audience. Based on the lookalike audience, you create your own campaign, and as time passes, you increasingly get more good customers. You then upload to Facebook a list of your new customers to be included in the earlier uploaded list. You have to constantly upload your list as you receive more good leads.

Now, what if any of the customers you have uploaded turned out to be bad customers?

Again, you have to go back to Facebook and look for the exact customers in order to remove them from your list. This constant exercise can be very time-consuming. We have an easier solution for you. The second you upload your list to Peasy, it will automatically create multiple custom audience lists and multiple lookalike audience lists, and segregate them based on their status as a lead e.g. a “qualified” or “disqualified” lead. Say that a list has more than 100 matching profiles, Peasy will automatically create a custom audience for that list, and a lookalike audience from the custom audience.

Whenever the lead status of any customer changes, for example, from “qualified” to “disqualified”, Peasy will automatically remove the customer from the “qualified” custom audience and “qualified” lookalike audience, and add the customer to the “disqualified” custom audience and “disqualified” lookalike audience.

By default, Peasy creates a custom audience and llokalike audience based on lead statuses. Assuming that you want to create a much more segregated audience based on additional dimensions, you can do so by clicking on the list of your custom audiences. The list will show all of your custom and lookalike audiences created by Peasy, and the number of leads matching the profiles.

To create your own custom audience, go to the custom audience screen and use our rule engine. For example, you can add rules based on certain criteria, and you can check the number of leads that match the criteria. Click on the “create” button for Peasy to automatically create the custom audience on Facebook segregated by lead statuses e.g. “qualified”, “won” and “disqualified”. Based on each lead status, Peasy will create a corresponding lookalike audience.

How to use a lookalike audience

Suppose that you create a new lead generation campaign, targeting to achieve 60,000 leads. Our AI determines that in order for your campaign to achieve 60,000 leads, the minimum required population size is 6,000,000. Our AI will automatically pick the best lookalike audiences to use.


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