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Better cost saving and control

Retain absolute control over your campaign spending.

Avoid overspending or unpredictable returns.

Your personalized campaign, recommended by our AI

Peasy will crunch the numbers for you. Let Peasy sort out what worked and doesn't by learning from your past campaigns. Using this knowledge you'll get a new and improved strategy and budget as well as ideas for bidding and targeting.

Compare your performance with industry benchmarking

Trained with over 20 terabytes of data from 26 different industries, Peasy's AI has learnt a lot about what it takes to have the best campaign. Through Peasy you can compare yourself against your peers and similar campaigns to further improve your tactics.

You don't need to be an expert

With our intuitive interface and simple steps, we want to place the power in your hands. Why hire a digital marketing team when you can be your own? With continuous support from our customer service, we'll get you started in no time.

Easy to use

Low learning curve.

Achieve success with the team you have now. You can achieve successful campaigns easily with Peasy.

Your campaign in just 3 clicks

Once you set up your business profile half the journey is already done! Select the target of your campaign and answer easy questions on the campaign duration, budget, and target.  Peasy will then create Facebook, Instagram, and Google campaigns with automatic recommendations and set up. 

Get to know your audience

With options to create audience segments based on bid and conversion probability, as well as automatically setting your ideal demographic, Peasy gives you plenty of options to find your customers, wherever they may be.

Tailored to your brand and product

Get recommendations specific to your brand and product. Peasy will generate separate optimization algorithms and recommendations for every product, campaign objective depending on the optimization event that you are using.

Easy to Achieve

Run your business, not your campaign.

Don’t waste your time on mastering Facebook & Google, focus on your business and customers. Peasy will analyze the leads you get, extracting common characteristics that will help inform your campaign. You’ll also be able to segment your audience based on your lead’s potential sales value. With Peasy, your campaign will generate profit, not just clicks and leads.

Sell Anywhere

Supports integration with all major online sales channel.

Peasy has built-in seamless integrations with Facebook, WooCommerce, Lazada and Shopee. You can connect with your Facebook catalog for ROAS and Dynamic Ads. Take advantage of automatic event tagging and remarketing with WooCommerce. By integrating Peasy with marketplaces you can run Collaborative Ads to drive sales and upsell on your favorite platforms.

Have all your digital tools in one place.

Improve your sales team's productivity

Empower your sales team to spend more time on key selling activities, and less on spreadsheets.

Your leads from Facebook, your website, and CRM will automatically sync with Peasy, so you can spend time on the things that matter. Not only that but Peasy will predict and score each lead’s conversion probability based on behavioural similarity with your existing customers.

Insightful Reporting

Don’t let data overwhelm you.

Peasy distills the key signals into insightful reports with actionable recommendations.

Our RMF Report will let you analyze your customer’s shopping basket to let you check the potential to upsell to your customers and which customers you are most at risk of losing.

You’d also have the option of a product sales report, where our AI will analyze the sales trajectory, Facebook and Google traffic to forecast sales for each item in your inventory.

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