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Targeting the right customer takes precedence over everything else. If you sell the wrong thing to the wrong people, no amount of celebrity endorsement or fancy advertising will help. Learn how Peasy helps you target the most profitable customer segments, uncover their path to purchase, drive frequent and higher transactions
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Digital marketing is mathematics. Algorithm determines everything: from which segment has a greater affinity for your product to the optimal distribution of budget and bid. Learn how Peasy can predict the outcome of your campaign before you spend money, run split testing to continuously improve campaign performance.
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Explore how you can effortlessly find your most profitable customer segments for your campaigns

Our more popular features

Leverage on our audience data

Peasy combines your existing campaign and CRM data with 40 TB Audience data derived from more than $30 million in ad spend to create personalized recommendations for your campaign.

Automatic Audience Segments

Save time on audience research. Peasy creates your audience segments with preset bid, targeting, interest and budget. Segments are sorted by conversion probability and acquisition cost.

Lead Quality Optimization

Not just leads, but quality leads. Peasy can use offline signals (CRM, WhatsApp, email data) to optimize your ads for lead generation.

Best-in-Class Custom Audience

CLTV & RMF Segmentation


Take control of your marketing initiatives. Reduce risk and achieve consistent returns using predictive analytics from our AI.

Our more popular features


Compare your campaign’s performance, lead conversion rate, customer acquisition cost and other metrics against your peers. We have data for 26 over industries, different go-to-market strategies and markets.

24/7 Campaign Monitoring

Worry about overspending? Instead of a fixed daily budget, Peasy dynamically adjusts spending based on auction data, bid competitiveness, and balance target.

Bid, Budget & Audience Optimization

Your campaign’s performance improves as our AI learns more about your customer and products. Peasy automatically conduct split-testing to identify the optimum targeting, bid, channel and budget split.

Predict before you spend

Avoid nasty surprises. Peasy can predict the outcome of your campaign and the cost per result even before you start spending. Run scenarios with our recommendation engine to determine the best duration, market and budget for your campaign.

Full Funnel Marketing

Full Feature List

Feature Description
Full Funnel Campaign
Peasy automatically determine the campaign objectives, budget and number of campaigns required to achieve your sales target within a duration
Single Campaign
User select the campaign objective and budget.
Supported Campaign Objectives
Reach, Clicks, Engagement, Message Reply, Traffic, Lead, Lead Conversion, Conversion, ROAS, Catalog
Supported Channels
Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok (coming soon)
Custom Audience Creation
Automatically (if using full funnel) OR based on rules set by user (Example: group all contacts which status is Disqualified, live in "Kuala Lumpur" and has not make any purchase in the last 3 months) OR based on contact import
Look Alike Audience Creation
Automatically, scaled from 1%-20% look-alike range.
Contact Import
Yes, in CSV File
Contact Export
Custom and Lookalike Audience Update
Automatic. Whenever lead status changes, segmentation rules are fulfilled or event occurs.
Facebook Lead Sync
Leads from Facebook Lead are automatically sync. Notification are sent when new leads are downloaded.
Facebook Catalog Integration
RMF Segmentation
Automatically classify customers into different segments. Up to 11 segments. Each segments are scored based on their CLTV. Download the customer list for each segment, and understand which product they are more likely to buy.
Supported campaign creative
Image, Carousel, Video and Dynamic ads
Scenario Planning
Let our AI predict outcomes for different scenarios, so you can make informed decision on your campaigns.
Lead scoring
AI predict which lead has higher conversion probability
Campaign Planning
AI automatically select your channel mix, budget split and bid
Audience Segmentation
AI automatically create segments for you. Set the targeting, bid, channel mix and budget split between segments
One-click Publication
All it takes is just one click, and Peasy will publish the campaign across Facebook, Google and Instagram
Campaign optimization
Automatic split testing, budget, bid and channel optimization
Campaign report
Breakdown by channels, time, audience. Understand which product mix, segment are best and worst performing
Ideal for agencies. Multiple brand in one account
Share your account and budget with multiple users. Workflow to approve actions

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Integrate Peasy with CRM, Google Docs and 4,000 other apps through Zapier.

Sync your order and customer data to build RMF prediction, run ROAS and Catalog ads.

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Generating leads for your sales team? Selling through WhatsApp? Automatically funnel leads from ads to WhatsApp chatbot, automatically assign incoming leads to your sales agent using Peasy Sales.

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