Your sales though your online ads is suddenly taking a turn for the worse, here’s why
3 hours ago

Your sales though your online ads is suddenly taking a turn for the worse, here’s why

Many of the businesses we speak to all had the same thing to say “our online ads performance is becoming worse by the day and we don’t know why or how to even fix it?!. For many SME’s, we understand your pain as online ads account for a big chunk of your revenue as you depend on it to find new prospects and agents to supplement your sales funnel and growth. Before the 26th of January 2021, many loved and praised Facebook Ads, for those who did it right, reaped the endless bounties. But after the 26th of January many were left speechless and confused due to algorithm changes. 


For example, one of our current users complained that before the 26th of January 2021 he enjoyed a comfy 200 sales per day, as generated by his Facebook Ads. But his woes began after the 26th of January 2021, he could only scrape by with 96 inquiries, not even sales. This is a huge problem as it throws a monkey wrench into your revenue cogs and ultimately the growth of the business.


What happened?

Here’s what happened, after the 26th of January, Facebook Ads had to change the way they interacted with people. Meaning the attribution window has been cut short to 7 day for google and 1 day for iOS devices. How does this affect you? Your ad is shown to a person, and if they buy in 7 days, your campaign will find more people with the same interest and behaviour because they are more likely to convert. But when a person purchases your product on day 8, your campaign will not recognise this person as a buyer from your ads because it falls out of your attribution window, that’s precious buyer data not being given back to the campaign to find more who are likely to convert. Broad targeting as a strategy basically took a dive from here onwards because unless you have a short sales cycle, this doesn’t help you in the least.

Moving forward as well, Google Chrome will start blocking third party cookies. You may find it difficult to trigger your Facebook Pixel currently as well, if you have not experienced this then your target audience will, as we ourselves who extensively deal with tracking implementations are facing this exact problem where the Facebook Pixel triggering is highly inconsistent. When Google finally rolls this out, then Pixels will effectively be redundant, which is why Facebook has implemented the Conversion API which counteracts this by sending server side event triggers. But this requires back end implementation and technology knowledge in order to do it right.


To add salt to the wound, Broad targeting has seen changes as well with a number of interest options having been deprecated. For those whose campaign is affected, what happens is that their campaign suddenly stopped working. This poses a problem as when you find that winning recipe to the world’s best cake, your ingredients supply chain is brought to a screeching halt. Rendering your Broad targeting strategy redundant and now you’re back to square one.

The future looks bleak as conversion based ad optimisation is becoming more and more complicated as GDPR standards become tighter, very much choking the life out of your online advertising efforts (this would apply to Broad targeting as well). For those whose sales cycles takes more than 7 days or 1 day are left hanging high and dry unless they switch to a lead nurturing model, which entails increased effort and cost due adoption of differing technologies or man power.