Billing and subscription plan

Your subscription plan determines the features which you can access, campaign budget limit and support services.

Check out our plan comparison here.

Your plan determines how much you can set for your campaign budget. Here’s how to check your plan, billing and spend.


  1. Look for “Available ad spend”  at the top left of your dashboard.
  2. The amount on the right indicates the maximum budget you can set in your Peasy campaign per month. 
  3. The amount on the left indicates how much you have utilized thus far.
  4. For example; if your available ad spend reads “900/2000”, then the maximum budget you can set in your campaign is 1,100 (2,000-900).

How to upgrade my subscription plan?

By upgrading your subscription plan, you can:

  • Do you want to increase your campaign’s budget? Upgrade your plan to increase your monthly ad spend limit.
  • Gain access to premium features such as custom rule look-alike audience creation, RMF segmentation, offline optimization
  • Receive premium email, phone or web-meeting support

How to renew my subscription?

The invalid subscription error occurs when either:

  • trial subscription has ended
  • transaction failure during auto payment attempt

To regain your Peasy access, you can choose to either:

  • Downgrade to a free but restricted Peasy subscription plan. You’ll lose customer support access, premium feature access (all data stored in premium feature will be permanently erased) and reduced monthly ad spent limit.
  • OR, click “Subscribe” to re-enter your payment details and renew your subscription.

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