Campaign Creation Mode

Prerequisites before creating a campaign:

  1. A data-loaded business profile. Click here to learn more about creating a business profile in Peasy. Please wait at least 24 hours after creating your business profile, before creating your first campaign. Peasy will need time to download and train your personalized AI. Personalized recommendations tend to yield better results, compared to generic categorical recommendations.
  2. Upload and create your own custom and Look-alike audience (optional). Interest-based targeting efficacy is diminishing due to on-going effort to eliminate third-party cookie tracking. To compensate for this, Peasy is prioritizing custom and look-alike audience optimization. If you have a database of existing customers, click here to learn how to use the Custom and Look-alike audience targeting feature in Peasy. Please wait at least 24 hours after uploading your customer list to give Peasy and Facebook sufficient time to populate your custom audience.
  3. A clear objective and campaign messaging. It helps if you know exactly how much sales you want to achieve, what you are willing to pay per sale and what you want to communicate to your customers. We suggest that you use the communication brief here, and prepare your creative using the recommended format here.
  4. If your recommended sales funnel is Sales-driven (click here to learn more about Sales Funnel), please ensure that your pixel’s event is properly set up (click here to learn more), and that your pixel’s domain and aggregated event is authenticated (click here to learn more). Otherwise, please use “Single Campaign”. Do not use “Full Funnel”, conversion campaigns cannot be published without proper pixel setup.


Jimmy White; a legendary professional snooker player once remarked that the difference between amateur and professional is consistency.

Facebook, Google and the entire Internet operate using algorithms. It uses algorithms to calculate which ad shown to which target audience will have the greatest conversion and relevance probability. 

Professional campaign managers understand these algorithms, they perform in-depth pre-campaign planning and research to decide the budget split, audience targeting and competitive auction even before they set up the campaign on Facebook and Google. Therefore, they can predict the campaign’s outcome even before the campaign starts. Amateur does not conduct research, nor do they have a plan. They set up the campaign immediately, instinctively decide the interest targeting, budget split and bid. They depend on luck to achieve the campaign outcome. To learn more about campaign planning and research, click here.

Pre-campaign planning and research is both time and skill intensive. Peasy simplifies this for you by automatically recommending the ideal targeting, budget split and bid. Our AI is directly connected to Facebook and Google via API and has over 30TB of data, to ensure optimum recommendations.

How to Create Campaign

  • Click on the “Campaign” button in the Sales Funnel Widget.

  • You will be directed to the Campaign Creation screen.

    You can choose to create your campaign using the Full-Funnel or Single Campaign creation method. Select either one.

Comparison between Full-Funnel and Single Campaign Creation Method

Full-Funnel Single Campaign
Automatically creates one to multiple full-funnel campaigns (from awareness to conversion) based on your current sales funnel. Peasy automatically selects the campaign objectives and budget split between campaigns.
Automatically create a single campaign based on user-selected campaign objective and budget.
Suitable for
Novice user. You can’t go wrong selecting full-funnel, just answer a couple of easy questions and Peasy will do the rest.
Expert user. Meant for users who know and want to achieve a very specific target, with far more control.
Number of campaigns created
May create up to 3 campaigns with different objectives. If your current sales funnel does not have sufficient conversion funnel to achieve your sales target, Peasy will automatically create awareness and consideration campaigns for you.
1 campaign, using the campaign objective you have selected.
Campaign objective.
Automatically determined by Peasy.
Users can choose from awareness, clicks, traffic, reply, lead, engagement and conversion. Picking the wrong objective can lead to over or under spending. Click here to learn more about campaign objectives.
Campaign budget
Users can choose to either set the budget, in which Peasy will calculate the estimated sales volume. Or users can set the sales target and Peasy will calculate the necessary budget required to achieve the target.
Users set the budget and Peasy will calculate the projected view/clicks/traffic/replies/leads/conversion/engagement.

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