Can i choose budget lower than minimum RM570 in peasy?

Can i choose budget lower than minimum RM570 in Peasy?

  1.  No, the minimum budget to kick start the campaign is RM570.
  2. Although it is RM570, it is not that you will spend all this amount in the campaign.

Case Study

  • AI suggested for cost per lead for Peasy RM15+- but end of the campaign the real result is cost per lead only RM5+-.
  • AI suggest for cost per lead for Peasy RM15 but we don’t follow the suggestion and instead we manually reduce the cost per lead to RM10. End of the campaign the real result of the cost per lead is RM8+-.
  • Why when the cost per lead RM15 we get much better result than RM10 per lead?
  • The reason is Facebook Ads is a bidding platform.
  • We bid with other advertiser who want the same targeting with us.
  • When the cost per lead RM10, basically we said to Facebook that we are willing to paid Facebook RM10 per lead.
  • If there are other advertiser who are willing to paid RM20 per lead, who will win the bid?
  • Surely they will win the bid and Facebook will let the ads to appear much frequent than us.
  • So if our ads appear less in front of people, there will be less people who will click on the ads, less people who read our copywriting, less people who will fill in our lead form and become our lead.
  • So end of the day, our cost per lead will be higher.
  • That is why when we manually put RM10 instead of following AI suggest RM15, the cost per lead suddenly higher.

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