My sales agent are struggling to get appointment

How you can help sales agent close sales? Many sales agents are struggling to achieve the sales target that their boss has set. The truth is, it can be difficult for a salesman without a strong base of leads coming in every day. In order to help your sales team achieve the goal you have set, there are four things you need to do.

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Generate Quality Leads

Quantity is not necessary a quality. A lot of sales people believes: 1) I can sell to anyone 2)so if I have more leads, I have more opportunities. Opportunities doesn’t work that way, you may be able to sell to anyone – but selling to a prospect that has strong buying resistance requires more time and effort; time and effort that you could be otherwise used to closed 10 other more willing buyers. Someone once compared buying databases of leads VS running an online lead generation campaign; and I asked him a simple question – what will your reaction if you were randomly called by person inquiring your interest to buy a property VS you had explicitly registered your interest in buying a property? Imagine, if each call cost your sales team 3 minutes. If the conversion rate of low-quality leads is 0.5%, where else the conversion rate of high-quality leads is 10%; your sales team would need to spend 60 more minutes to extract 1 single opportunity with low quality leads.

We highly recommend that you run lead generation campaigns on FB & IG to drive quality leads. Learn more here.

Use standardized and automated lead qualification

Lead perception varies from one salesperson to another. Give a rotten lead to a desperate sales person, and they will still grab it. Give a challenging lead to a new sales person, and they will deem the lead to be low-quality. An experienced sales person will have no problem accepting the same lead.

Inconsistent lead judgement affect your marketing team’s ability to generate consistent, quality leads. A better way is to standardize lead qualification using the BANT method. BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timing. Every sales person should ask a standard set of qualification questions to ensure consistency.

Better yet, instead of using your salesperson precious time to perform mundane qualification – consider automating it using a chatbot or within your lead form. Let your sales team focus on what they do best; selling.

Understand your customer sales journey and lag time.

Imagine you’re a new salesperson; and your sales manager continuously press you every day for numbers, numbers and numbers. You’re overstressed and the manager ain’t being helpful at all. But now imagine if your sales manager understand that every new prospect will take 15 days before they become an opportunities, 20 days for opportunities to convert into negotiation and 10 days before negotiations convert into sales. And since this is only your 20th day in the job, your manager can tell you precisely – you ought to focus on building up at least 316 prospects, 62 opportunities in order to achieve the 20 sales next month.

Mapping your customer journey and lag time will help you understand and proactively work towards achieving your sales target, before it’s too late. Instead of wondering why we didn’t achieve our numbers during month end, we can proactively start building up the necessary numbers in our top and middle funnel to have sufficient sales during month end.

Expedite lead assignment to prevent lead decay

What does a lead and a fish have in common? They get stale very quickly. If your prospect register their interest today, and your sales team only call them 4 weeks later – chances are they are no longer interested or have bought from your competition.

Explore automated lead assignment, where leads are automatically assigned to your sales team – straight from your web or Facebook form. Peasy Sales and Marketing can automatically delegate leads to your sales team based on your territorial and assignment rule.

If you want to know how to do all these steps in just 30 minutes using our software Peasy Marketing, register and join our webinar here!

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