HK3 increased their e-commerce sales by 3X


  1. HK3 wants to increase their e-commerce sales.
  2. But majority of the sales were not profitable. The customer acquisition cost they paid Faceboook was higher than the customer’s shopping basket value.


  1. 3X more profitable sales.
  2. Up to 19X Return On Advertising Spent (ROAS). For every RM 1 they invest on Facebook ads, their e-commerce generate RM 19 in sales.



Based on HK3’s sales target, Peasy automatically create an entire range of full-funnel campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Our AI automatically adjust budget between engagement, conversion and dynamic ads with the target of maximizing ROAS.

Track & Improve:

Our AI constantly adjust the product set and targeting in the audience; choosing which product was most profitable to promote, adjusting the bid based on each segment’s predicted CLTV. Rather than just getting more sales, our AI was aiming to get MORE PROFITABLE sales.

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