How Peasy help me create custom audience automatically?

How Peasy Help Me Create Custom Audience Automatically?

How to create a Custom Audience?

  • You’ll need to upload a Contact List

How is Peasy helping you?

Generally speaking, Peasy already creates Custom Audiences using information in the contact list, which is our easy to use and simplified CRM system. How this works is that if there is enough data to support the creation of the custom audience, it will create a custom audience based on qualification statuses with various other details. Peasy does this in order ensure that your ads is shown to the right people. 

For example, Peasy will automatically create a custom audience of all those who are Disqualified and then create a custom audience of all those who are in Qualified and Won. Then proceed to create a lookalike audience of various configurations. But how this is used later on in audience targeting by the AI is that it will then proceed to create an audience targeting profile to target Lookalikes of all those who are Qualified and Won, then exclude all those who are Disqualified. That way you are not wasting precious ad spend on attracting prospects that will not contribute to your business.

Now what makes this feature special about Peasy is that:

  1. Peasy is capable of creating Lookalikes up to 20% versus 10% available on Facebook.
  2. Lookalike created ensures that there is no internal competition or overlap, because Peasy will meticulously study each customer or lead within the contact list and sort it to respective Lookalike segments.
  3. Everything is reflected in real time, status changes and details is immediately updated in your generated custom audiences.
  4. Peasy puts emphasis on custom audiences and Lookalikes generated from custom audiences because Peasy takes on the approach of performance based marketing with the assistance of AI and Machine Learning. 

In addition to that, Peasy also create custom audiences based on your marketing assets such as Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

But if you so do wish, you can also create Custom Audiences that is specific to your marketing needs as well. For example, if you want to target find new customers who has purchased or retarget customers who has purchased a blue shirt. You can specify that as well in your custom audience creation.

Therefore it is integral that you upload your customers or leads onto Peasy before hand in order to take full advantage of this feature.


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