How to Revoke User Access

How to revoke access

  • In the users list, click on the “Revoke” button corresponding to the user.

Peasy will delete the revoked user’s Peasy account.

Please note that the account removal is final. All data, including any leads, campaign and accumulated Machine Learning data will be deleted. We do not store back-up. Peasy will be disconnected from the user’s Facebook or Google account.

Peasy will pause all of the user’s active campaigns.

  • Any unused budget will be reverted back into your account balance

    For example, suppose you have assigned 10% quota to the user, and the user had spent 5% of the quota from the start of the month until termination time; then only 5% of the remaining unspent quota will be reverted back to your balance this month. However, the full 10% will be reverted back to your balance the next following month.

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