Optimizing lead quality

How do you optimize your lead quality with Peasy

Optimization is a data driven process, done manually you would need to keep track of various process and have each data point fully updated. But with Peasy it’s a rather simple process, but it does require some attention, just not as tedious as doing it manually as you only need to update your leads in a single place.

Why would you do this? The answer is rather simple, inr order to ensure that Peasy’s targeting stays true and that Peasy can best perform to meet your marketing and sales needs, it requires updated information about your lead. This is required in order to better scale your ads so you achieve the best performance at a lower cost in the long run.

Changes to lead statuses on Peasy is reflected in the targeting profiles in real time. For example, if a lead goes from being New to Disqualified, the lead is immediately put into a disqualified list and that person’s targeting profile is then included in the Disqualified Lookalike in order to stop showing ads to people who are similar to that person.  

There are 7 statuses to choose from and here are the definition of each status and how you can use them for your lead optimization.

  • New
    • Prospects or Leads that are New to the business and has not received any form of interaction from your sales team.
  • Reach
    • Prospects or leads that have received interactions from your sales team.
  • Negotiating
    • Prospects or leads that are currently negotiating with your Sales team for product or service purchase.
  • Qualified
    • Prospects or leads who are deemed as qualified to your business.
  • Disqualified
    • Prospects or leads who are deemed as not qualified to your business.
  • Won
    • Prospects or leads who has converted to customers.
  • Lost
    • Prospects or leads who were lost or dropped out from your sales pipeline.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to update your contact list to optimize lead quality .

  1. Updating in Peasy’s contact list
  2. Bulk upload

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