Optimizing your campaign performance

Creating then deploying a campaign is only the first step. What is more important is campaign optimisation.

Normally, if you hire an actual campaign manager to manually create, run and manage a campaign, 80% of the campaign manager’s work is in optimisation. Your campaign manager will need to continuously monitor the performance of the campaign, and make changes based on experimentation and data in order to optimise your campaign, and ensure that you get better results.

One of the most complex and difficult parts of optimisation is audience optimisation i.e. ensuring that your ad is served to people who have the intention to buy your product or service. You must understand that at the end of the day, Facebook, Instagram and Google charge you based on impressions. Say that your ad is shown to someone who does not intend to buy your product, you’ll still have to pay for the impression, hence it is important to ensure that your ad is shown to the right people. This is so that you can have more conversions at a lower cost per conversion.

How does audience optimisation on Peasy work?

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