Setia Warisan Tropika secured 27 new bookings even during full lockdown

Property market is challenging as it is, learn how Setia Warisan Tropika managed to close 27 new bookings even during the full lockdown in April 2020.

Key Performance Indicators

Average monthly lead volume, generated from Facebook Marketing using Peasy: 714

Average monthly contactable rate: 79%

Average monthly virtual viewing: 30.5%

Average monthly booking: 2.5%


By virtue of organizational brilliance and luck, the project’s sales and marketing was managed by one same team. This allows great synchronization between sales and marketing activities.

Leads acquired from Facebook and Web marketing was captured in Peasy. Sales and Marketing can update each lead’s status from one centralized app.

Based on sales’ feedback, Peasy’s AI automatically analyze the common trait between good and bad leads – and use that learning to improve the campaign’s targeting automatically. Peasy gradually expand the geographical targeting, create new custom and lookalike audience, and shifted more budget to key performing segments.

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