Sharing your Peasy subscription with multiple users

This feature is only available on subscription plans which support more than one user per account.​

Account sharing is subjected to these terms and conditions:

  • Each Peasy account can have only 1 admin user. The admin invites sub-users to share the Peasy account.
  • The admin has the ability to set each sub-user’s monthly ad spend limit.
  • Admins share percentages of their account’s total monthly ad spend limit with their sub-user. For example, suppose the admin subscribes to our Platinum Plan (where he/she is entitled to spend up to USD 10,000 a month thru Peasy), and the admin assigned 10% credit to user X – then user X is entitled to spend up to USD 1,000 a month thru Peasy. User X cannot create and deploy campaigns exceeding USD 1,000 while the admin’s total campaign cannot exceed USD 9,000 budget per month.
Subscription Plan’s Monthly Ad Spend Limit Admin Sub-user X Sub-user Y
USD 10,000
60% (USD 6,000)
10% (USD 1,000)
30% (USD 3,000)
Example of how ad spend limit is shared between Admin and Sub-users
  • By default, every sub-user shares the admin’s Facebook Account. Therefore they have access to the same Facebook Ad Account, Pages, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audience, Instagram Account and Pixel as the admin.
  • Sub-user can choose to connect Peasy to their own Facebook Account by changing the connection setting in Peasy.

The benefit of sharing Peasy subscription

  • Admin can enforce and control the sub-user’s monthly ad spend.

    This is especially useful for advertising agencies who may want to have separate billing records for each client OR companies with multiple subsidiaries/affiliates where HQ’s marketing may want to impose budgetary control on their subsidiaries.

  • Data synchronization with boundary control.

    Multiple affiliates from direct-marketing companies often run campaigns targeting the same group of prospects. The same lead might register at multiple campaigns. To resolve that issue, most affiliates resort to sharing a singular Facebook Ad Account; so that once a lead has registered, it will be excluded from all other campaigns. But this solution presents an accounting challenge; how do you track and split ad spend easily and transparently? Peasy’s Account Sharing feature allows multiple users to co-share a Facebook Ad Account without the accounting headache. Peasy track each user’s ad spend and enforce the agreed sharing cap.

  • Workflow

    Admin can login into sub-user accounts to monitor and make necessary amendments.

  • Independent reporting.

    Agents might want to grant clients the ability to easily obtain up-to-date campaign reporting, reducing servicing’s workload.

How to invite user

  • From the side-menu, click on Settings->Users & Team.

    You will be directed to the Users & Team screen.

  • If your subscription plan supports Account Sharing and you have unutilized user slots, you should be able to see the “Invite” buttons.

    Otherwise, please upgrade your subscription plan at the Billing screen to use this feature.

  • Click on the Invite button. A popup screen will appear.

  • Specify the name and email address of the person whom you want to grant access, and click “Invite”.

    Do note that you can’t invite users whose email address is already registered to an existing Peasy account.

  • Upon successful invite,

  • The invited user’s details will be included in your account’s user list.

The invited user will receive an invitation email with a confirmation URL.

  • The invited user must accept the invitation by clicking on the confirmation URL and complete the user registration process.

    During which, the invited user will set his/her password.

How to assign monthly ad spend limit

  • In the users list, click on the “Quota” textfield.

    The text field will be editable on click.

  • Specify anywhere between 1%-100%.

    When you’re assigning quota to an user, you’re giving away a portion of your account’s limit to the user. For example, if you’re giving away 10% of your limit to the user - your maximum monthly ad spend will be just 90% of your subscription plan’s limit.

If you’re giving away 20% of your limit to the user then your maximum monthly ad spend will be just 80% of your total plan’s limit.

You cannot assign a budget beyond your balance. You cannot give away a budget percentage larger than your current balance.

How to monitor user’s activities

  • In the users list, click on the “Login As” button corresponding to the user.

    You will be able to login into his/her Peasy account.

How to revoke access

  • In the users list, click on the “Revoke” button corresponding to the user.

Peasy will delete the revoked user’s Peasy account.

Please note that the account removal is final. All data, including any leads, campaign and accumulated Machine Learning data will be deleted. We do not store back-up. Peasy will be disconnected from the user’s Facebook or Google account.

Peasy will pause all of the user’s active campaigns.

  • Any unused budget will be reverted back into your account balance

    For example, suppose you have assigned 10% quota to the user, and the user had spent 5% of the quota from the start of the month until termination time; then only 5% of the remaining unspent quota will be reverted back to your balance this month. However, the full 10% will be reverted back to your balance the next following month.

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