What is audience overlap and how to fix it?

What is Audience Overlap and How to Fix It?

Peasy automatically detects audience overlap between your audience segments. A pop-up will appear when audience overlap is detected. Click on “Fix it” if you want Peasy to automatically fix the overlap (highly recommended), or “No thanks” if you intend to fix the overlap yourself. 

Question: What is Audience Overlap?

When 20% of any audience segment’s population is targeted by another audience segment. Overlap occurs when 2 or more audience segments have overlapping targeting. For example; the campaign has 2 audience segments; one targeting Samsung fans and another targeting Apple fans. If I am interested in both Samsung and Apple, I will be targeted by both audience segments.

Question: Why is Audience Overlap bad, and what will happen if I don’t fix it?

Facebook, Instagram and Google are bidded media. Advertisers bid to win the rights for their ad to be published. Elaborating on the example above; suppose the Samsung’s segment is bidding RM 1 per click and the Apple’s segment is bidding RM 2 per click. Both segments belong to the same campaign and advertiser. 

  1. Overlap increases the cost unnecessarily. Let say my affinity is stronger towards Samsung compared to Apple – that means the advertiser could have won the bid for my click at RM 1, but because of internal self-afflicted competition; Facebook decide to serve the higher bid Apple ad instead – so the advertiser had to pay RM 2 for my click when they could get it from RM 1.
  2. Overlap reduces volume. Severe internal bid competition can result in the ads not being served at all, you won’t be able to spend your campaign’s budget.

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