What is creative format available in Peasy?

What is creative format available in Peasy?

Peasy supports 3 different creative formats; video, carousel and still image. Choosing the right creative format is crucial to your campaign success. Below is a quick and easy guide to help you determine the right format for your campaign.

Creative FormatCampaign ObjectiveChannelRecommendations
VideoAll objectivesFacebook & Instagram
  1. The most effective format. FB & IG will prioritize video creative over other formats. 60% more likely to gain better auction competitiveness (lower CPX, higher CTR).
  2. To ensure widest reach, keep the video duration to 15 seconds or below and use 1:1 dimension with minimum 1080:1080.
CarouselTraffic, Conversion and Messages

Facebook &


  1. Ideal when you want to convey multiple features/products – where each slide will lead to a different destination URL.
  2. Suitable for consideration to lower funnel campaign’s messaging.
  3. Not recommended for top of the funnel communication.
  4. You can mix video + images within the carousel slides. However if you want a full-funnel communication, we recommend that you consider using Instant Experience instead.
  5. To ensure widest reach, use 1:1 dimension with minimum 1080:1080.
Still ImageAll objectivesGoogle, Facebook & Instagram
  1. Suitable for remarketing or lower-funnel communication; where your target audience is already familiar with your brand and category – and you just want to convey 1 single point strongly and quickly.
  2. To ensure widest reach, use 1:1 dimension with minimum 1080:1080.
Existing Facebook PostMessage, EngagementFacebook. Ensure that your post is either an image or video. Albums are not allowed.We do not recommend using existing Facebook Post as creative, because it will restrict split testing effectiveness.

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