What are the “Do’s” and “Don’t” when selecting location in your Peasy Campaign?

What is "Do" and "Don't" in choosing location?

  1. We recommend our user to atleast choose either state, peninsular Malaysia, Malaysia or overseas location.
  2. Don’t choose location inside the state such as Ampang, Cheras and others.
  3. The reason why we recommend this is because the population size of the location inside the state is small.
  4. Rules of thumb of Facebook is in 1 million population, FB only show our ads to 13% of the population.
  5. If you remember the sales funnel in Peasy, at the upper funnel is impression. The number of population should be higher than impression.
  6. Therefore, if the population is small than impression, it will be illogical.
  7. Furthermore, if the location is small, the ad will not show to enough people.
  8. The effect will be Facebook will not spend your ad budget and your cost per lead will be higher.

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