What is qualification status in contact listing

What is qualification status in contact listing


Changes to lead statuses on Peasy is reflected in the targeting profiles in real time. For example, if a lead goes from being New to Disqualified, the lead is immediately put into a disqualified list and that person’s targeting profile is then included in the Disqualified Lookalike in order to stop showing ads to people who are similar to that person.  

There are 7 statuses to choose from and here are the definition of each status and how you can use them for your lead optimization.

  • New
    • Prospects or Leads that are New to the business and has not received any form of interaction from your sales team.
  • Reach
    • Prospects or leads that have received interactions from your sales team.
  • Negotiating
    • Prospects or leads that are currently negotiating with your Sales team for product or service purchase.
  • Qualified
    • Prospects or leads who are deemed as qualified to your business.
  • Disqualified
    • Prospects or leads who are deemed as not qualified to your business.
  • Won
    • Prospects or leads who has converted to customers.
  • Lost
    • Prospects or leads who were lost or dropped out from your sales pipeline.

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