What is the difference between full funnel and single campaign

Comparison between Full-Funnel and Single Campaign Creation Method

Full-Funnel Single Campaign
Automatically creates one to multiple full-funnel campaigns (from awareness to conversion) based on your current sales funnel. Peasy automatically selects the campaign objectives and budget split between campaigns.
Automatically create a single campaign based on user-selected campaign objective and budget.
Suitable for
Novice user. You can’t go wrong selecting full-funnel, just answer a couple of easy questions and Peasy will do the rest.
Expert user. Meant for users who know and want to achieve a very specific target, with far more control.
Number of campaigns created
May create up to 3 campaigns with different objectives. If your current sales funnel does not have sufficient conversion funnel to achieve your sales target, Peasy will automatically create awareness and consideration campaigns for you.
1 campaign, using the campaign objective you have selected.
Campaign objective.
Automatically determined by Peasy.
Users can choose from awareness, clicks, traffic, reply, lead, engagement and conversion. Picking the wrong objective can lead to over or under spending. Click here to learn more about campaign objectives.
Campaign budget
Users can choose to either set the budget, in which Peasy will calculate the estimated sales volume. Or users can set the sales target and Peasy will calculate the necessary budget required to achieve the target.
Users set the budget and Peasy will calculate the projected view/clicks/traffic/replies/leads/conversion/engagement.
Automatic segment’s population.
Peasy will automatically calculate the required audience population size required to achieve your target.
Users will have to manually adjust the campaign’s target location, and review the recommended audience to achieve the required population. If your audience size is too small, your campaign will not spend. If your audience size is too large, your targeting accuracy might suffer. Click here to learn more about audience population size, and its impact on your campaign result.
Custom, lookalike and retargeting audience.
Automatic. Users can choose if the campaign is intended to acquire new or upsell to existing customers and Peasy will automatically include/exclude retargeting, custom and lookalike audience.
Peasy automatically creates the custom, lookalike and retargeting audience but users choose to manually include these audiences in their campaign’s targeting.
Inter-campaigns budget split.
Peasy automatically adjusts the budget split between your awareness, consideration and conversion campaigns.
User creates multiple separate campaigns and optimizes the budget between these campaigns manually.
What-if scenario forecasting and planning.
Not supported.
Users can try multiple different scenarios by changing the campaign’s duration and budget, and examining Peasy’s forecast and recommendation.

a. Automatic audience recommendation. Peasy automatically creates interest-based audience segments.

b. Automatic audience’s budget and bid recommendation. Peasy set the budget split between each segment, and the most optimum-yet-competitive bid for each segment.

c. Result forecast. What your campaign will achieve if you accept the recommendations.

d. Audience overlap detection and prevention. Automatically detect targeting overlap, and merge segments if necessary. Click here to learn more about audience overlap and its impact on your campaign.

e. iOS segmentation. Apple has enforced privacy protection which will adversely impact campaign attribution accuracy and targeting. Peasy automatically creates separate adset for iOS and non iOS audiences, minimizing the impact on your overall campaign performance.

f. One-click campaign deployment. Peasy automatically setup your campaign across Facebook, Google and Instagram in a single click.

g. Automatic bid, budget, audience and channel optimization. Peasy continuously monitor your campaign performance, perform necessary split-testing and optimization.

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