What’s the Difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API are two different products offered by WhatsApp for businesses to communicate with their customers.

WhatsApp Business

  • Free to use
  • Mobile application for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Provides a simple interface for businesses to connect with their customers on WhatsApp
  • Features include:
    • Have your own business profile
    • Send and receive messages
    • Integrate with Facebook Catalog
    • Use quick replies and automated messages
    • Access basic metrics to track performance

WhatsApp API

  • Paid service for larger businesses and enterprises. Check out the pricing here
  • Provides more advanced features and capabilities
  • Designed to be integrated into a business’s existing systems and workflows
  • Features include:
    • Integration with CRM systems
    • Integrate with Facebook Catalog
    • Send and receive messages in bulk
    • Create custom messaging workflows
    • Access to more detailed metrics and analytics
    • Ability to send automated messages triggered by events or user actions
    • Ability to create chatbots and interactive experiences for customers

Side by Side Comparison


WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp API

Cost per conversation


Paid. Check out the pricing here

Risk of being banned and blocked



Number of connected devices

1 Phone and 1 Web

Unlimited. You can share 1 number with unlimited number of agents, depending on your plan.

How to use 

WhatsApp Business App

Third-party software

Number of unique recipient per day. How many people can you broadcast within a day


Up to 100,000

Support Interactive Messages (message with buttons, catalogs)







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