What’s the difference between Peasy Sales and WhatsApp Blaster

Peasy Sales is a complete WhatsApp CRM with functions such as:

  • Team-inbox. Centralize lead and messages from WhatsApp, Web, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Email, LINE and Telegram – and share these conversations with your team members
  • Automatic lead assignment
  • Lead filtering chatbot
  • Automatic appointment scheduling
  • Assisted follow-up
  • WhatsApp broadcast. 
We are a certified Facebook App Developer, and our solution utilizes WhatsApp API.  Peasy Sales offer a lot more functionality compared to normal WhatsApp Blaster.

 WhatsApp Blaster merely offer WhatsApp broadcast. It uses normal WhatsApp and SIM card, and is not endorsed by WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp account run the risk of being banned and block when using WhatsApp blaster. To circumvent this risk, many WhatsApp users frequently changes their phone number. Or when a customer respond to the broadcast, they will reply using another number. Not only this is rather troublesome, but it also tarnish your credibility – your contact will be reluctant to respond.

Features Comparison

Feature Peasy Sales WhatsApp Blaster
Supported Channels
WhatsApp, Email, Telegram, LINE, SMS, Webchat, Facebook and Instagram Messenger
Just WhatsApp
Automatic lead assignment
Contacts and messages are automatically assigned to your agent's phone. They can reply directly.
Agents have to manually key in contact details from excel spreadsheet.
Lead filtering chatbot
Yes. Use our chatbot to ask pre-qualification questions or answer standard queries - so your agent can spend more time selling.
Automatic appointment scheduling
Yes, integrate your agent's calendar with Peasy. Our chatbot will help schedule appointment and send reminder.
Assisted follow-up
Peasy detect when your prospect visit your webpage, read your email and remind your agent to follow up. Your agent can set follow-up timer.
Catalog integration
Integrate your catalog on WhatsApp. Allow your customer to browse your product, add to cart, inquire and even buy directly on WhatsApp

Broadcast Comparison

Feature Peasy Sales WhatsApp Blaster
Require SIM card
Broadcast limit
Up to 100,000 unique individual per day
Up to 256 people per day
Can be banned and blocked
No. WhatsApp template message is pre-approved by Facebook
Yes. Risk of being banned and blocked
Batch and delay, Have to cool down after each broadcast to prevent being blocked.
Broadcast content
Normal and Interactive messages. Message with catalogs, buttons, etc.
Just normal messages

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