Why i have to create another business profile for different targeting?

Why i have to create another business profile for different targeting

  1. When you create a business profile, an AI will assigned to that specific business profile.
  2. In simple words, AI will learn everything that you ask it to learn. If you ask it to learn about customer, then it will learn about customer and vise versa.
  3. Therefore, if you intend to target customer, then you create 1 business profile. If you want to target agent or business, you create another business profile.
  4. Customer and agent surely have differences in term of demographic & others. We don’t know but AI knows and it within its calculation.
  5. The same things applied if you intend to target different industries.
  6. For example, Health industry is different than Automotive industry. So you need to create new business profile for each industry.

Best Practise

  1. The best practise is to use 1 business profile and let AI learn more about your product, customer and business.
  2. Everytime you change between any business profile you have, the ads you created in the previous business profile will stop. Thus, AI will stop learning from that business profile.

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