Why I need to understand the sales funnel

Why I need to understand the funnel usage

  1.  First you have to throw away this common mentality of doing paid advertising among small business owner; Do facebook ads, can straight away get sales.
  2. Always remember that when we are doing ads, it is basically we are selling clicks.
  3. We want people to click to move from the upper funnel to middle funnel to bottom funnel thru our sales funnel.
  4. When we divide our sales funnel into upper, middle and bottom funnel, our attention, time and energy can be use to identify the real problem why our leads doesnt move from upper to bottom funnel.
  5. Every stages of the funnel have different customer intention, needs and wants. So if there is a problem with upper funnel, we can quickly identify and do countermeasure.
  6. For example, in the upper funnel we have impression to clicks, if the conversion rate number lower than the industry benchmark, we can easily change the headline or picture and monitor the conversion rate again.
  7. Without funnel, we don’t know the specific problem and usually will stop the campaign and rewrite our copywriting. This is a waste of time and resources.
  8. With funnel, we can predicted our number from upper funnel until bottom funnel and. Thus we can predict our sales number.
  9. When we know our sales number, we can prepared our stocks to avoid we cannot cope with the sales number.

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