Why my lead form failed to attract lead?

  1. Check your image using for lead form. Is it has more 20% words? Is it not attractive enough? If you’re to fill in your contact information to this lead form, is the picture attractive to you?
  2. Check how many questions you asked in the lead form. If there is too many questions, probably less people will fill in the form. Ask only important questions.
  3. You need to balance between number of questions,volume of the lead, and quality of the lead.
  4. If the number of question is high, the lead quality will be high but the volume will be low.
  5. If the number of questions is low, the lead quality will be lower but the volume is high.
  6. If you just starting to use Lead Generation objective, focus on building the volume first before quality.
  7. Along the way, after you figure out your sales funnel, then may be you want to focus on quality.

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