Developing your ad messaging

Developing your Ad Messaging

Peasy automates and simplifies 3 out of 4 critical components of a campaign for you. Our AI recommends the ideal audience, channel and bid for your campaign. Messaging is the last remaining component that’s left entirely to your discretion. 

The ideal messaging is always personalized. A good car salesman when pitching a pick-up truck to a father will describe how the car can be used to build life-long memories during family camping trips, and when he’s pitching the same vehicle to a single bachelor; he may elaborate more on the vehicle’s ruggedness and masculinity. Similarly; your messaging will have a better conversion rate, lower CPX and greater volume when it’s personalized to your audience.

How to personalize your messaging:

    1. Adapt your messaging based on your customer journey’s and customer maturity. If you are creating a full-funnel campaign, Peasy automatically set the campaign’s objective, you should adapt your messaging based on the recommended objective:

      Phase Objectives Messaging
      Awareness Reach, Click, Engagement Your target audience is not aware of your brand. Create a message which will attract their attention, speak to their pain points.
      Interest Traffic, Messaging, Lead Your target audience is aware of your brand. You need to influence their consideration. Your message needs to subtly sway their buying consideration towards your USP. For example, if you are a B2B construction contractor; your ad entices prospects to register to download a cheat sheet on site’s safety and environment regulations.
      Desire Conversion, Lead Your target audience likes your product. You need to help build desire, to start countering buying inertia. Your messaging focuses on either how they can benefit greatly if they hire you, or how they will miss out greatly if they don’t hire you.
      Action Conversion, Lead Create a sense of urgency for your prospect to buy now. Offer limited offers and discounts.

      To learn more about AIDA and funnel, click here.

    3. Adapt your messaging based on the audience’s demographic and interest. Use the recommended audience segment from Peasy to develop your messaging. For example, if Peasy recommends these 2 segments for an automotive service centre:
      • Segment A: 30-55 year old male, speaks Bahasa and Chinese, using mobile devices, had previously watched 60% of your Facebook videos and heavily engaged with your page, interested in performance racing
      • Segment B: 20-55 year old female & male, speaks English, interested in Proton, Myvi and are budget-conscious.

    You might want to develop 3 sets of communications:

    Segment Format Messaging
    A Carousel. Since they are already fully aware of your brand. A catalogue of your current promotion; focusing only on performance automotive parts. In Bahasa
    A Carousel. Since they are already fully aware of your brand. A catalogue of your current promotion; focusing only on performance automotive parts. In Chinese
    B Video, to drive consideration.

    A video messaging which contain:

    1. A brief explanation what’s so special about your workshop
    2. A quick testimony to establish credibility
    3. A promo on your engine-oil or essential type service.

    To learn more about personalizing your messaging, click here.

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