Editing an existing campaign

All campaigns that have been saved or published can be found in the campaign list page. To access your campaign list, click on the “report” button. You will then see a list of campaigns that you have either saved or published. You’ll see toggles in three different colours which indicate the status of the campaign:
  1. Purple: Campaign that has been deployed and is currently active

  1. Black: Campaign that has been deployed but is currently paused

  1. Grey: Campaign that has been saved but never been published i.e. the campaign has been saved on Peasy but never been published on Facebook, Instagram or Google.

For a published campaign, there are always numbers or metrics on its budget and target fields. For example, the numbers on a campaign’s budget and target show that you have spent MYR 6804.35 out of a MYR 8,000 plan, and have achieved 1422 leads out of 150 leads targeted for this campaign.

For an unpublished campaign, the number on budget spent and target achieved will be zero.

The icon on the left side of each toggle button indicates the campaign’s objective:
  1. Lead
  2. Engagement
  3. Reach & Impression
  4. Traffic/Reply
  5. Clicks
  6. Conversion
If you wish to inspect a campaign’s report, click on the campaign name. You will be redirected to a campaign manager screen. You can change any of the campaign parameters, change your audience, upload any new creative. Once you’ve made any changes and uploaded any creative, in order for you to sync your changes to your campaign on Facebook, Instagram or Google, remember to click on the “save & publish” button.

For example, if you wish to change your creative after a while to avoid ad fatigue, you can choose to delete your post, then add a new one.  Click on the “save & publish” button for the change to be updated on Facebook, Instagram or Google. If you’re not ready to deploy the changes, click on the “save” button.

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