How to setup your Facebook Page

What do you need before creating/linking a Facebook Page?

You’ll need to have admin access to a Facebook Business Manager. If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager, check out our tutorial here.

As per Facebook’s best practices; Peasy requires that all Facebook Page to be associated with a Facebook Business Manager. Controlling access and roles via Facebook Business Manager is a lot more convenient and secure. 

Why do you need a Facebook Page?

You can’t buy nor advertise on Facebook without a Facebook Page. All Facebook Ads must be associated to a Facebook Page.

What will this article cover?

  • Creating a new Facebook Page
  • How to decide if I should merge or split my Facebook Page? What if I have multiple branches, agents, brands; should I have multiple pages as well?
  • Linking an existing Facebook Page to a Facebook Business Manager
  • Granting access on Facebook Page
  • Different roles required based on campaign’s objective

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