Why giving bad quality lead affects your sales team morale?

Everyday would be a blessing if a sales agent attains a quality leads and gets the sale easily. The motivation will come itself without any effort but to a lot of agents out there, this is just a dream because in reality, the sales manager will just show up with a whole lot of database. Not knowing where it is from, they know it’s another start of a long day with tiring and disappointing results.

As a sales manager, you would definitely wish for your sales team to avoid being in such situations right? Which led you here in quest for your question, is it true that the quality of your lead affecting your sales team morale?

Here are 3 reasons why bad quality leads is bringing a decrease in your sales’ team motivation.

Slow in Small Success

All the small success celebrated by the sales agents are very important as it affects their morale, especially during the beginning of their working period. Examples of small success are how fast and easy it is for them to get the prospect to sign in on an appointment for demo, closing a sale with the prospects and others. To simplify, it is seen by how fast and simple it is for the agent to change the status of the prospect from one to another during the customer buying journey.

However, when we hand the agents a bad quality lead, it is hard for them to achieve these small success. These disqualified leads would not want to answer their call or reply their messages because they are still scouting for products. This will cause the sales agent to take a longer time in order to achieve these small success and it is unpredictable as to when they will be able to achieve each small successes, as if they are playing a guessing game. Maybe this next prospect will be interested, maybe the following one will be interested or maybe the one after. Up until a point where they give up and will just do their work for the sake for it.

If prior to this, you are merely taking database from anywhere and everywhere or even worse, you are buying datas, then it is time to stop because this situation you are currently in right now, will not progress any better. As an employer or sales manager, surely you wouldn’t want your team to be going through this situation right? In order to overcome this situation you are in right now, you must learn to improve the quality of your leads for your sales team.

Wasted Efforts to Follow Up All Day

Being a sales agent is very different from other jobscopes. A sales agent are usually someone who has a high drive to earn unlimited commissions. Hence, they would work as hard as they can in order to get their targeted commission goal. But as they are only human, after a period of time, their drive will naturally slow down. In this scenario, if they get good results, their motivation will still be running, however, if they don’t get good results, this will cause them to easily give up and lose all their motivations.

Can you imagine how does working 8 hours a day with disqualified leads will affect your sales team? They are forced to grind over long hours to barely get any results. Now try to imagine another scenario, you bring qualified leads to your hardworking sales agent. Every lead has equally good chances to turn them into buyers. Your sales agent gets good results fast and with ease. They don’t feel the tiredness from the 8 hours of working because within less than 8 hours, they see results from the qualified leads. Here are some examples:




100 leads with undetermined quality

  8 working hours

2 sales

100 leads with determined quality 

  4 working hours  

2 sales

I am sure you are able to see the message I would like to relay and that you would like to choose the second method which is providing your sales team with determined leads.

Lack of Trust of Employee’s Skill from Employer

If an agent fails to deliver their task, which is to produce sales, as a sales manager or person in charge, what would you do? Of course you would ask them to go for training again right?

Re-training your agents is not wrong but it would be more effective if you know in detailed which part requires fixing, For example, re-training on closing sales, scripts when talking to potential customers or others. If you were to repeat the whole training from the beginning until the end, it would make less sense because time would be wasted on both yourself and your agents.

If your re-training does not touch on the lacking part of the particular sales agent, they would feel that the sales manager does not trust and believe in their abilities. For instance, they might not be facing any issues with closing sales, or even they are so good in closing sales but their weakness is at their conversation scripts. The seemingly lack of trust from the employer or manager in their skills might reduce their motivation. The most feared part is when the sales agent do not trust in themselves.

What happens if the leads provided were quality leads? Your sales agent would be able to showcase their full potential. You would also stand a chance to see the performance of your sales team as as whole because each lead provided to each agent is of qualified lead. With a bit of effort from your side, you would too be able to see the specific weakness on each sales agent that needs to be addressed and give them the appropriate training. Without wasting time, energy and allowing your agents to improve their performance.

What is Your Next Step?

Your sales team and your company is suffering. So what do you need to do next as a employer or sales manager?

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