How to Setup your Facebook Pixel and Event

What do you need before creating a Facebook Pixel

  • You’ll need to have admin access to a Facebook Business Manager. If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager, check out our tutorial here.
  • You’ll need to have a website you’ve already set up for your business and access to your server or website editor if you’re able to.
  • A verified domain, if you have not verified your domain. Please follow this tutorial here

What you need to know?

A Facebook Pixel serves to do 2 things;

  1. Connect Facebook to your Website
  2. Store data and actions in the form of Facebook Pixel events.

Campaigns on Peasy that require a Facebook Pixel are Traffic and Conversion campaigns, conversion campaigns requires a more elaborate setup versus Traffic. Traffic only requires that you install the Pixel on your website. It’s the same as running Pixel based campaigns on Facebook, but Peasy takes it a step higher by incorporating full funnel strategies based on your Pixel. If you would like to know more about Facebook Pixels, click on


This tutorial will consist of:

  • Creating a Facebook Pixel
  • Setting up Facebook Pixel Event
  • Aggregated Event Measurements
Please be sure to have your domain verified before moving on to this step, this is because a due to the introduction of iOS 14. Facebook requires that you verify your website domain before you can use a Pixel. This ensures that your data collection is associated to your domain and that noone else can send or inject data into your Facebook Pixel or hijack your Pixel. If you already have a domain setup in another Business Manager, you can share that domain with the Business Manager that you would like to setup the Pixel in. 
Alternatively, you can follow along with this in depth video tutorial here.

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