What requirement need before using Peasy

What requirement need to use Peasy?

  • You’ll need to have admin access to a Facebook Business Manager. If you do not have a Facebook Business Manager, check out our tutorial here.
  • You’ll need to have a Facebook Page. If you don’t have one, check out our tutorial here.
  • A valid payment method on your Facebook Ad Account. If you haven’t added a valid payment method to your Ad Account, please refer to this tutorial here.

What you need to know

Peasy is a platform that simplifies digital marketing altogether by automating complex and tedious task involved in Digital Marketing. The only thing you need to do is feed Peasy with data and upload your creatives and Peasy will handle the rest. Peasy uses this connection to manage and optimise campaigns, analyze past campaign data, create recommendations and automate processes.

It is also important to know that:

  • Peasy cannot connect to Ad Accounts that do not have a valid payment method attached to it.
  • Peasy cannot connect a personal ad account not under a Business Manager.
  • Peasy cannot connect to Ad Accounts that have been banned or suspended.
  • Peasy requires that you have at minimum advertising access to your ad account in order to be able to run ads on your behalf. However we recommend that the Facebook account attached to the ad account have Full Access to the ad account and all related assets, follow this tutorial Asset Access on how to check. Read more about it here https://www.facebook.com/business/help/155909647811305?id=829106167281625

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