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Our Subscription Plans


Free / Month
  • Pay transaction fee when you advertise, zero monthly fee
  • Zero Ad Account Setup
  • 1 Business Profile
  • Funnel Analytics and Benchmark
  • Full Funnel Campaigns
  • 1 User Account
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaign Creation, Management and Optimization
  • Automatic Facebook Lead Sync
  • Awareness, Engagement, Traffic & Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Automatic Custom & Lookalike Audiences
  • Self-service support
  • Digital Marketing Training and Classes


RM2,880 / year
  • Max Ad Spent per month: RM 5,000
  • Use your own ad account
  • 2 Business Profiles
  • Funnel Analytics & Benchmark
  • Full Funnel Campaigns
  • 1 User Account
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaign Creation, Management and Optimization
  • Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Automatic Facebook Lead Sync
  • Automatic Custom & Lookalike Audiences
  • Lead Quality Optimization
  • Rule-based Customer Segmentation
  • Zapier Integration
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Digital Marketing Training & Classes


RM5,580 / year
  • Everything in Startup AND
  • Max Ad Spent per month: RM 12,000
  • 4 Business Profiles
  • Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads Campaign Creation, Management and Optimization
  • Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, Lead Generation & Conversion Campaigns
  • CLTV & Lead Conversion Optimization
  • 1 X 1:1 Onboarding Session
  • Chat & Email Support


RM12,100 / year
  • Everything in Standard AND
  • Max Ad Spent per month: RM 40,000
  • 4 Business Profiles
  • 3 User Accounts
  • Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads Campaign Creation, Management and Optimization
  • Awareness, Engagement, Traffic, Lead Generation, Conversion, ROAS Campaigns
  • Facebook Catalog and Dynamic Ads
  • RMF Audience & Product Segmentation
  • Woo-commerce Integration
  • Facebook Collaborative Partner Ads. Promote your Lazada & Shopee store
  • 3 X 1:1 Onboarding Session
  • Phone, Chat & Email Support


Additional User

for 6 months or RM 1,000 per year

Monthly Media spent above allocated quota

of total media spent

Peasy Customer 360

  • Personalize interaction across web, email, ad, and WhatsApp to improve communication effectiveness
  • Track the historical interaction of each customer across channels, to understand where are your leakages
  • Use the customer profile to build personas
  • Analyze your customer purchase journey
  • Use the data to run ROAS campaign, targeting customers who are more profitable

Full Feature List

Better cost saving and control

The AI predicts the campaign results even before you spend

Don't like the predicted results?

Change the campaign's budget and duration to plan for different scenarios.

Compare your campaign's performance against your peers.

Peasy records and benchmarks campaign performances for 26 different industries.

Check for quality and policy issue (at risk of ban, setup, etc)

Map your consumer journey and identify leakages based on Facebook pixel data

Pay Facebook and Google directly, retain ownership of your account data. Action and spent are transparen and recorded in your own ad account.

Easy to use

Peasy will extract and analyze data from your past campaigns and use those learning when recommending strategy, budget, bid and targeting

Our AI is trained using 20TB data from 26 different industries, Peasy uses learning from similar but non-competing campaigns to further augment recommendation.

A separate optimization algorithm and recommendation for every different product, campaign objective and optimization event that you are using

Recommend the ideal campaign mixture based on your funnel

Automatically adjust budget and overlap between campaigns based on your funnel

Create FB, IG and Google campaigns with automatic recommendation and setup

AI create audience segments, differentiated by bid and conversion probability

Automaticially set the demographic, include, narrow and exclude targeting in your audience segment. AI recommendation is based on your historical data and campaigns from other similar but non-competing users.

Automatically create and update your custom and lookalike audience. 20% lookalike audience, compared to just 10% on Facebook

When manually creating/editing targeting, our AI can automatically recommend similar and hidden interest from Facebook in a single click

Automatically set bid for each audience segment based on conversion probability and potential CLTV, ensuring the bid is both competitive while sustaining ROI

Peasy recommend channels and their budget split based on your customer's purchase journey and attribution.

Carousel, single image, videos, and dynamic ad

Automatically generates the best thumbnail for your video.

Convert and adapt your images and video's dimension to suit all placement

Create your ad once and tag every audience which intend to share the ad. Do not need to upload repetitively compared to Facebook Ad Manager.

Preview how your ad will actually look like on Facebook & Instagram

Share one Peasy account with multiple users and ad accounts. Each user can be connected to a separate ad account on Facebook and Google, distribute budget and creative from master account.

From knowledge base to personal support with our helpful customer success team. Grow together with online academy, classes, support groups and mentoring

Easy to Achieve

Configuring your segment's targeting so that it has sufficient population to achieve your KPI volume. Population size is calculated based on your funnel conversion rate

Automatically detect and resolve overlap between audience segments to prevent internal bid competition and unnecessary overpaying.


Not every customer has equal value. Import your existing contacts into Peasy, and Peasy will automatically create value-based audience segments, and configure your campaign's bid to match the audience value.

Constantly analyzes the common trait between all good leads and refine your campaign's targeting accordingly

Automatically conduct split testing to identify and refine audience's targeting combination

Dynamically adjust your campaign's bid based on competition and time, to maximize the return for your budget.

Automatically shift campaign's budget from non-performing segments and channel into performing one

Automatically shift campaign's budget from non-performing segments and channel into performing one

Detect common click fraud method and blacklist placement automatically

Normal optimization is a post mortem exercise, you dissect and react after the situation had occur. Peasy AI predict multiple scenarios and take immediate actions when signals matches the AI's prediction.

Learn which ad is more effective for each segment.

Peasy alert you when your ad reach fatigue point

Peasy notify and explain the rational for every changes our AI make to your campaign's targeting, bid, channel and budget allocation - so you will grow and learn together

Automatically segmentize your campaign based on lead's potential sales value. Adjust CPL and bid accordingly

When running ROAS or Catalog campaigns, Peasy will automatically determine which product to promote, to whom to target based on your profit target and inventory level.

Improve your sales team's productivity

Automatically download the leads from all of your Facebook Lead Forms into a single centralize site for your sales and marketing team

Custom and lookalike audience without spreadsheet. When a lead is won, it will be automatically be updated into the exclude custom audience and removed from the Remarketing List. When you import a new contact into Peasy, Peasy will automatically add that into the relevant audience list on Facebook.

Our AI predict and score each new lead's conversion probability based on it's behavioural similarity with your existing customers

Integrate Peasy to your website, CRM or just Zapier.

Enrich incoming leads with additional intel so sales don't have to waste time doing lead research

Incoming leads are instantly distributed to salesperson. AI analyzes chatlog to refine campaign's targeting. (when integrated with Peasy Sales)

Insightful Reporting

Analyzes your customer's shopping basket, score each customer based on Recency, Monetary and Frequency. Automatically produces a report so you can check who are your most profitable, at-risk-of-losing, potential for upsell customers

AI analyzes your sales trajectory, Facebook & Google traffic to forecast sales for each item in your inventory

Sell Anywhere

Integrate Peasy with your Facebook catalog. Required for ROAS and Dynamic Campaign

Integrate Peasy with WooCommerce. Automatic event tagging and remarketing. Required for ROAS and Dynamic Campaign

Integrate Peasy with marketplaces to run Collaborative Ads, to drive sales and upsell on your favourite marketplaceslevel.

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