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Recruit active agents and empower them to achieve early success quickly.

Lead ads that recruit hungry & active sales agents. Chatbots, automation and CRM that empower your agents to sell effectively online with minimal training.

We understand your challenges and ambition

Over 1,214 Direct Sales in Malaysia use Peasy to recruit and empower their agent to sell online

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On average, less than 10% of agents are actively selling

Why waste ad budget on recruiting inactive agents?

How can Peasy improve my ads?

You can instinctively tell when you’ve hired a good agent because they stand out. Peasy extracts targeting characteristics that identify your best and worst agent, and automatically adjusts your ad to find new prospects with similar characteristics to your best agent, while avoiding people who resemble your worst agent.

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Why Direct Sales Companies use Peasy to run their FB, IG and Google Ads

Sync with Sales Data

Automatically sync sales data from CRM or API 

Overlap Prevention

Prevent your agents from recruiting existing members from their ads.

Easy Peasy

No new digital hire necessary. Create a campaign in 3 easy steps.

Best in class Custom Audience

Automatically create and update CA and LAL based on CLTV and CAC

Build a process that can reproduce your best agents

Reduce your agent's churn rate, help them to achieve early success faster

How to simplify your agent's training

You want agents who can sell, but you don’t need agents who have digital skills. Peasy simplifies your hiring needs. Even agents without digital experience can create successful ads using Peasy. Let your chatbot take orders and collect payments, answer repetitive questions, so your agents can focus on key selling moments.

Schedule a consultation session with our experts and discover how you can empower your agents to sell online easily.

Why agents using Peasy can achieve success faster

Data Ownership

Retain full ownership over contacts and conversation, agents cannot download data.

Shared WhatsApp inbox

Share HQ’s WhatsApp account with unlimited number of agents. Customers talk to 1 single number.

Easy Reporting

Get real time sales forecast, agent performance report automatically.

Drive Repeat Sales

Broadcast promos on WhatsApp without being banned

Chatbot Order

Instead of complex sales script, use our chatbot to qualify recruits and take new orders.

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