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Peasy Marketing can automatically create and run better performing Facebook, Google and Instagram campaigns in just 3 steps.

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Easy & Effective digital marketing for everyone.

Create a campaign in just 3 steps

Set your sales target & budget. Our AI will recommend which target segment, bid and channel to use. Upload your creative. And Peasy will automatically setup the campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Get up to 18X better results, easily

Frantically checking your campaign every other second? Worry if your campaign will overspend? Let our AI optimize your campaign. Peasy is directly connected to Facebook & Google via API. Our monitor your campaign 24/7, so you don't have to.

Create a campaign in just 3 steps.

Peasy automatically creates your Facebook, IG and Google Ads

Wait, just 3 steps? Yup, just tell our AI your sales target and budget, check out our AI's prediction and upload your ad design and copywriting. Peasy will automatically set the audience targeting, channel split, bid, strategy and budget split.

Easy to Achieve

Luck is fickle, data is difficult. Just Use Peasy.

Increase my campaign’s ROAS by up to 19X

Increase my sales volume up to 18X

AI Automated Optimization

How will Peasy increase my campaign ROAS up to 19X

Peasy analyzes offline data to improve online targeting. Without additional spreadsheets nor SOP.

Our AI analyzes every won deals, disqualified leads and transaction size. And then automatically create and update your campaign's targeting, custom and lookalike audience. 

Upload your customer list or integrate Peasy with WhatsApp and CRM

Peasy can collect and analyze offline data from WhatsApp, CRM, POS. Our AI will learn the common traits between profitable and unprofitable acquisitions.

AI scores and rank customers by value

Not every customer has the same value. Peasy creates interest-targeting, custom and lookalike audience, segmented by value, and adjust bid accordingly.

Automatic campaign setup and optimization.

To give you maximum returns, Peasy will configure your campaign's targeting, bid and budget to pursue the most valuable leads.

How will Peasy increase my sales volume up to 18X?

Peasy improves your conversion rate without sacrificing volume

Peasy can predict the conversion volume, rate and cost of every segment. Our AI proactively run full-funnel campaigns to minimize leakages, expand targeting with 20% Look-alike audiences.

Worried if your campaign will deliver? Our AI creates data-driven campaigns that deliver predictable results. Even before the campaign starts, Peasy can predict each recommended audience’s volume, conversion rate and cost per acquisition. Peasy even compare the current campaign’s volume and cost against your past campaign and industry benchmark, so you can decide easier.

Don’t lose the deal at the last minute. Peasy analyzes and identify leakages within your sales funnel, and automatically launch remarketing campaigns to improve your sales volume.

Generate more leads without diluting lead quality. Our AI meticulously segment and create seed audiences from your existing customer list. Then, Peasy creates look-alike audiences to find new similar customers. Our look-alike audiences has 2X more reach. Facebook’s standard lookalike audience ranges from 1%-10%. Peasy can create up to 20% Look-alike Audience. 

Automatic Performance Optimization. Click & Forget

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