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I want to give my sales team better quality leads and the freedom to perform.

Peasy optimizes your ad to produce better quality leads, at a lower cost. Automate lead qualification, lead nurturing, and other repetitive tasks so your sales team can spend more time selling.

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You don't have to pay more for high-quality leads

Peasy improve yours ads to generate a consistent supply of high quality leads, affordably

Reach key stakeholders before your competition

Most of your competitors are attacking the same lead pool as you, namely prospects who are ready to buy. Since the pool of ready-to-buy customers is small and competition is intense, the cost per lead will also be expensive. Not to mention that these prospects already have an idea of who they want to buy from. Peasy analyses your customers’ behaviour, up to 6 months before they buy. And then create lead ads that seek out other new prospects with similar profiles and is still at exploratory stage. Since there are more of these prospects and less competition, you can get more leads at a lower price without sacrificing quality.

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Why other companies like yours are using Peasy to run their FB, IG and Google Ads

Track Customer Journey

 Peasy track your prospect’s conversation, website visits and clickstream

Lead Scoring & Prediction

Predict the value of every lead even before they register.

Cost & Value Alignment

Your ad budget and bid are automatically set to pursue the most profitable leads

Automatic Retargeting

Automatically retarget prospects who are still considering, exclude bad leads from your ad

Easy Peasy

Create a new campaign in just 3 easy steps.

Improve your sales team productivity

Use Peasy to automate mundane task, so your sales team have more time to sell

Your sales team shouldn't be doing anything other than selling.

Remove every distraction. Automate reporting, you didn’t top sales for their spreadsheet skills. Automate lead qualification, so they can focus on building relationship not questioning customers. Automate lead nurturing, so they can focus on high-value deals.

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Why salespeople love using Peasy

Automatic Lead Qualification

Focus your time and energy on good leads. Chatbot filter incoming leads on WhatsApp with qualification questions.


Prioritize your time and attention on urgent and high value deals. Peasy score every lead based on value and urgency.

Behavior-trigger Chatbot

Your prospect just visited your pricing page, read your proposal. Use our chatbot to automatically send relevant and personalized message that help nudge your prospect closer to buying.

Follow-up Reminder

Don’t miss out on opportunities, get notified immediately when your prospect exhibit key buying signals.

WhatsApp Broadcast

Easily broadcast rich-interactive promos, without being banned or blocked.

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