Solution for Service Retailers

Ideal for car workshops, education centres, spas, clinics and gyms that wants to:

Secure more appointments and drive repeat sales

A complete end-to-end automated appointment system. Attract new customers from FB/IG. Use our chatbot to help customers book and schedule appointments.  Let our AI automatically follow-up and send personalized WhatsApp promo to encourage repeat sales. Entirely automated, so you can focus on your business and leave the front desk to Peasy.

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We understand your challenges and ambition

Over 800+ Service Retailers in Malaysia uses Peasy to grow and retain their customers

Other companies like yours that are using Peasy

Your ads should give you more appointment, not just clicks

Peasy create ads that drive prospect from click to appointment

Get more appointments, effortlessly.

You want more sales but you’re far too busy to answer every WhatsApp message. Don’t worry, let Peasy secure more appointments for your busines, automatically.  Peasy promote your services on FB and IG. Once prospect clicks on your ad, our WhatsApp chatbot will greet and help them to schedule an appointment with you. Integrate Peasy with your calendar to avoid double-booking. Use Peasy to send automatic WhatsApp reminder to prevent no-show.

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Why other companies like yours are using Peasy to run their FB, IG and Google Ads

Track Customer Journey

 Peasy track your prospect from online to store visit.

Offline Optimization

Automatically optimize your ad targeting based on your offline sales data

Your ad budget and bid are automatically set to pursue the most profitable leads

Chatbot Appointment

Chatbot automatically greet and schedule appointments with new customers

Easy Peasy

Create a new campaign in just 3 easy steps.

Grow your repeat sales and upselling effortlessly

Peasy simplifies customer engagement and retention so you can focus on your business.

What used to take hours can now be accomplished in seconds

Broadcast personalized promo to encourage repeat sales, appointment reminders to reduce churn, follow-up messages after each service or let your customers automatically order and purchase packages directly via WhatsApp. All completely automated. Discover how our WhatsApp-approved broadcast and chatbot can you help today!

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Why store owners love using Peasy

WhatsApp Broadcast

Broadcast rich-interactive promos in 3 clicks, without being banned or blocked.

Create Segments

Want to re-engage customers who last visited your store 6 months ago? Group customers using segments, rather than manually selecting each contact.

Order Chatbot

Integrate your catalog and promo, and allow your customer to select and buy via WhatsApp

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