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For workshops, clinics, spas, saloons, gyms and education centres that are:

Secure more appointments and repeat sales

You’re busy running your business, but every missed call and message is a lost opportunity to convert a prospect into a customer. Every failure to follow up is a missed chance to drive repeat sales and increase your revenue.ย 

Learn how you can improve customer service and follow-up without extra overhead, using automation.

How long can your customer wait when scheduling an appointment?

Stop losing customers who really want to buy from you

We understand the challenges of being a small business owner; you’re always busy. Sales and customers are the lifeblood of any business. How many times have you found yourself replying late to a customer inquiry, only to discover that the customer have already purchased from someone else? Stop losing sales any further, learn how our chatbot can automatically reply inquiries and book appointments even when you’re busy.

Automatically reply customer inquiries and book appointments on your behalf

Conversational AI

Go beyond just quick reply, our chatbot can answer questions and capture info

Avoid double booking

Integrate with your Google Calendar to prevent double-booking

Individual agent calendar

Book appointment with individual mechanic, therapist, stylist.ย 

Automatic Reminder

Automatic reminder before appointment to prevent no-show

Summary Reporting

Get an idea of your appointment bandwidth and performance

How are you putting your customer database to good use?

Drive repeat sales effortlessly

You’ve been in business for a good while now, so you must have built up a sizable customer list. But why are sales still a struggle for you? By now, you should have had plenty of repeat business. Cultivating a strong relationship with your customers takes time and effort. But that’s where Peasy comes in – our automated follow-ups, reminders, and event greetings make it easier for you to build relationships at scale.

Nurture customer relationship at scale

Post-visit customer satisfaction survey

Automatically send customer satisfaction survey after their last purchase, so you have a chance to address any potential churn risk.

Interval follow-ups

Automatically send interval follow-ups. (eg service reminders 6 monthsย  post-service, health check 1 year post last-visit)

Automated Event greetings

Set it once and Peasy will automatically send birthday and anniversary greetings

Personalized promotions

Broadcast personalized promotions to maximize repeat sales probability


Calculate how much sales you can recover using Peasy

Curious how much new customers and repeat sales you’ve lost every month? Want to know how much more sales you can recover using Peasy?

Fill in the details in the calculator below to find out.

Want to recover lost sales per month?

Learn how you can recover these low hanging fruits now.

Invest RM 117 a month to recover lost sales

Sign up before June 2023 and receive one extra 1-on-1 onboarding session FREE

Our pricing starts from RM 1,400 a year.

Suppose the average transaction value of each customer is RM 200, and on average your customer will return at least twice a year. Thus, your average customer lifetime value is RM 600. If Peasy were to recover merely just 1 extra customer per month, your RM 1,400 subscription would give you RM 7,200 return. Don’t lost any further sales, sign up now.

Invest RM 250 a month to recover lost sales

Sign up to our 2 months plan, before committing further. Free 1 one-on-one onboarding session.

Suppose the average transaction value of each customer is RM 200, and on average your customer will return at least twice a year. Thus, your average customer lifetime value is RM 600. If Peasy were to recover merely just 3 extra customers per month, your RM 250 investment would give you RM 1,800ย  (7.2X) return. Don’t lost any further sales, sign up now.

Invest RM 150 to recover lost sales

Sign up to our prepaid, no-frills plan at 90% discounted price

Everyone starts small. Our no-frills plan is our investment in your business. Gain usage of Peasy for an entire at 90% discounted price. To keep our pricing affordable, our no-frills plan is completely DIY. Setup your account, chatbot and automation independently using our knowledge base, without customer support.

You have far too many things on your plate, for just RM 150 a year,ย  you can automate your sales recovery and have one less thing off your mind.


Quick replies are fixed sentence sent when your WhatsApp received an incoming message. Your chatbot in Peasy is capable of holding conversation, it can interact, ask questions and change it’s response based on your customer’s reply.

Yes, your chatbot can answer incoming inquiries from WhatsApp

Your chatbot can answer customer inquiries from WhatsApp, Website, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email, LINE and Telegram. Learn more here.

You can provide the chatbot with a set of commonly asked questions and their appropriate response. Or you can train your chatbot with content from a website. Learn more here.

Yes, the chatbot can identify customers by their email and phone number – and continue conversations from their last interaction. For example, your chatbot can provide service recommendation based on the customer’s car make and model recorded in your database.

Integrate our chatbot with your agent’s Google Calendar. Our chatbot can be configured to check for free slots within your agent’s calendar, before scheduling viewing appointments.

You can connect each of your branch/personnel’s appointment calendar with Peasy. Depending on the customer’s response, you can then delegate the appointment to the appropriate branch/personnel. For example, if the customer lives in PJ – the chatbot will schedule the appointment using the closest branch’s calendar.

Yes, you can configure Peasy to send reminders X number of minutes before the actual appointment.

Yes, you can configure Peasy to automatically send a follow up message. Supported follow-up message types include:

a. Promo voucher to encourage return visit

b. Customer satisfaction survey

Yes, you can upload your existing customers via a CSV file into Peasy. After which, you canย  perform WhatsApp broadcast using our campaign feature.

Peasy support these forms of broadcast content:ย 

  • Interactive Messages with quick reply buttons
  • Text
  • Videos/Images
  • Files

Depending on your WhatsApp Account’s quality rating; your broadcast can be sent up to 100,000 unique recipient per day.

Unlike other solution which utilizes normal WhatsApp, Peasy does not need “cooling period” to prevent your WhatsApp account from being banned. Our solution utilizes WhatsApp API, thus your broadcast will risk being banned. WhatsApp broadcast conducted via Peasy are transmitted instantaneously without any delay.

You can set the leads to be automatically assigned based on sales territorial rules, or just divide it equally between agents and teams. Learn more here. Your agents will receive a notification on their phone whenever a new lead is assigned to them.

Yes, Peasy support both Android and iOS platform. Your agent can respond to customer and receive new appointments on-the-go.

Our solution uses official WhatsApp API, which allow you to share 1 account with unlimited number of devices. Agents can only read and converse with agents assigned to them. For example, agent John won’t be able to read and talk agent Jane’s contact and vice versa. Learn more about the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp API here.

Peasy support 2 level of user access. Agents can only read and converse with contacts that are assigned to them. Admins can read and converse with all contacts within their accounts.

Yes. However, there will be additional charges per phone number.ย 

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