Changing conversation status

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Peasy Sales conversations can be toggled into the following statuses:

Pending : The pending status is used by bot integrations in Peasy Sales to keep the conversations in a temporary state before the agent can start taking a look at it. Once the bot finishes triaging the conversation, It toggles the status into open. The agent can toggle back the conversation into this state if they want the conversation to be handled by the bot again. This status is useful when your Peasy Sales instance has an Agent bot or Dialogflow integration enabled.

Open : The default conversation status in Peasy Sales for a new conversation unless a Bot Integration is enabled. These are conversations from customers waiting on a reply from the agent.

Snoozed : If you don’t have the full information to resolve a conversation and is expecting further replies, You can toggle the conversation in snoozed statues. This status is also helpful in cases where you need extra time to investigate about the issue and want to move the conversation away from your primary support queue. Snoozed status is also a helpful way to set reminders on a conversation that you want to get to later.


The followed options are supported for Snoozed:


  • Snooze Until Next Reply
  • Snooze Until Tomorrow
  • Snooze Until Next Week


Resolved : These are conversations which has been addressed and requires no further communication. The Resolved status is equivalent to closing the customer support ticket.

Workflow #

The agent can choose appropriate conversation status once the solution is conveyed to the customer.