What is the Contacts Section? #

Contacts section in Peasy contains the details of recipients that you have exchanged messages via Peasy. You can consider it as your very own Customer database.

How to access the Contacts Section? #

Click on the “Contact” icon on the left menu

You should be able to see a list of your contacts here. 

Why is my Contact list empty? #

Your contact list will remain empty until you:

  • received incoming messages from any of your connected inboxes
  • add new contacts

How to add contacts? #

You can add contacts individually or through mass importing. To add an individual contact, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Contact Section
  2. Click on “New Contacts” link on top right
  3. Fill in the Contact Details form
  4. Click Submit
  5. A notification message will appear if your contact is successfully added

How to edit contact? #

You can edit a contact from the Contact Details screen. You can access the Contact Details screen from:

Click on the highlighted icon from the Contacts Section

Click on the highlighted icon in the conversation window.

What's in the contact details? #

What are the action buttons? #

  1. Send a new message. Will reuse existing conversation in the inbox, or create a new conversation.
  2. Edit the contact’s standard attributes
  3. Merge a contact. Collapse another contact into this contact. The other contact will be deleted, all it’s standard and custom attributes will be absorbed into this contact. When there’s overlap between both contact’s attribute, preferences will be given to this contact.
  4. Delete this contact.

What are Contact Status? #

Contact status represents the stages of a lead within the buying journey. You can use automation and chatbot to automatically set contact status OR your team can manually set the status.

Our AI utilizes the contact status as a feedback mechanism to improve:

  • Lead scoring and prediction
  • Follow-up priority
  • Improving ads targeting to produce better lead quality (when integrated with Peasy Marketing)

Contact status is also useful for your sales operation:

  • Deciding contact priority by sorting your agent’s contact list by status
  • Assigning contact to your team. You could delegate Reach & Qualified to opening team, Negotiating to your closers, Won to your Account team.

Contacts status are represented by a numerical status ID in Chatbot and API. 

Status ID Definition
A new lead which have yet to receive any message nor call from your team
An uncontactable lead (manage to successfully send a message to the contact)
A lead that has passed your qualification criteria. Usually a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
A lead that is either uncontactable or fail to fulfill your qualification criteria
A qualified lead which your team is nurturing towards closing
An existing customer
A qualified lead that has either choose to buy from your competitor or have decided not to make any purchase
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Updated on October 5, 2022

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