WhatsApp Template Messages

What are WhatsApp Template Messages #

WhatsApp Template Messages are messages which:

  1. content are approved by WhatsApp
  2. use to initiate a new conversation window

When a customer respond or initiate a conversation with you, WhatsApp grant you a conversation window which span for 24 hours from the last received message. For example, if the last message sent by your customer was at 01:00, then your conversation window will last until tomorrow 00:59. You can send any messages similar to normal WhatsApp during an active conversation window. A conversation window’s timespan is refresh whenever you receive a new message from your customer.

Once a conversation window is expired, you will not be able to send any other messages except template messages which are approved by WhatsApp. 


How to create Template Messages #

Before you can use a template message, you must:

  1. create the message and submit the message for approval
  2. wait for WhatsApp approval (usually within 1-2 hours

Submitting Text Template Messages for approval #

1. Click on “Settings” on the left menu bar. Then, select “Canned Response” 

2. Click on “Add Template Message”

3. Type in your template name. Template name must be unique, and cannot contain any space. Template name will also be used as shortcodes in your conversation later. For example, if you have specified “templategreeting” as template name, you can “/templategreeting” in the conversation window as shortcode to send the full message.

4. Select a WhatsApp inbox

5. Select the language of your message content. Please choose carefully, this will affect approval

6. Select the message type. Please choose carefully, this will affect approval

7. Type in your message content. Ensure that your message length does not exceed 10,000 characters. You can personalize the message for each unique recipient. For example, “Hi {{contact.name}}, I tried calling you earlier”. Learn more about Personalizing messages here.

8. Click Submit. Your message will appear in the Canned Response list. 

9. Wait until your template message has been approved before using it. A green indicator will appear when the template message is approved.

Submitting Rich Interactive Template Messages for approval #


1. Rich interactive messages can convey and persuade far more effectively than conventional text messages. Learn more about Interactive Messages here. To create a new template message, click on “Settings” on the left menu bar. Then, select “Canned Response” 

2. Click on “Add Template Message”